Why are luxury watches such timeless fashion pieces?

In the age of ‘quiet luxury’, a phrase that has been coined in the luxurious corners of Instagram and Tik Tok, it’s becoming ever-more popular to display one’s wealth or penchant for luxury through timeless pieces that can be worn again and again. 

No longer are people and celebrities making a splash with internet-breaking looks that are both eye-catching and controversial; instead, they’re making a much quieter statement with subtle yet elegant pieces that boast incredible craftsmanship and luxury materials. And with that comes the rise of luxury watches. 

Timeless style

There’s something so stoic about a luxury watch. Made with precision and out of high-end materials like aluminium, silver and gold, they are appealing to all and don’t try to create viral moments. Instead, they are simply works of art with their intricate design and additional appendages that speak of world class craftsmanship. 

They both blend into your outfit whilst also creating a talking point for other enthusiasts. Not here to steal the show, a luxury watch, whether it’s second-hand or brand new, effortlessly pulls an outfit together with subtlety and grace.

High functionality

Luxury watches aren’t just there to tell the time. The come equipped with all kinds of different functions that enhance the wearer’s experience.

Some watches include chronograph functions to measure elapsed time, others can work perfectly well under water, and others are built with fitness trackers and compasses. With many watches made with athletes and sports enthusiasts in mind, luxury watches offer a great deal of functionality on your wrist.

Lasting value

For those who want to make a smart financial investment, a luxury watch is a great idea as many stabilise or increase in value, unlike most items that depreciate in value after a few uses. If a line is discontinued and your watch becomes a coveted collector’s item, you’ll find that you can sell it for much more than you bought it for.

A break from technology

With more and more people looking for ways to decrease their time online, a watch takes you away from the constant distraction of looking at your phone screen. Instead of being tempted by notifications and social media, you can keep an eye on the time without the risk of falling down an internet black hole.

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