What’s inside a Fashion Blogger’s Renovated Kitchen

When a fashion blogger decides to renovate their own house, the chances are that they will create a drop-the-mic moment by making their home more fabulous than their recent collections.

Fashion bloggers and interior designers have one thing in common; they have an eye for colors and ability to turn art and print into something stunning. As they share their style of dressing with the world, they sure are able to bring similar charisma in their kitchens. Here are five ways to distinguish a regular kitchen from a fashion blogger’s kitchen.

Furniture and Devices

The furniture in a fashion blogger’s renovated kitchen will ultimately depend on the size of the room. If, for instance, their kitchen is small, they may choose to have a few cabinets and counter without a dining table. Conversely, they won’t spare their creativity if the room is large; they are likely to fill the room with fancy cabinets and an integrated tabletop from which they can eat and work. It is, however, important to note that the idea behind their renovations will be based on simplicity, space, and chicness in keeping with the modern trends. Their preferred furniture material is probably mahogany because it provides a strong setup that lasts for long.

Fashion bloggers also pay keen attention to the devices they install in their kitchens, especially for the purpose of color coordination. Kitchen appliances will be purchased in a similar color, for example, all grey. This way, the electronics are not left behind as the furniture match.

The Fabric

Fashion blogger’s do not incorporate much fabric in their adorable kitchens. When it comes to fabric, few might be spotted on the dining and counter seats, the curtains and certainly hand towels. As much as fabric looks great in addition to serving as a dust filter for the dining table, not many fashion bloggers use them. If a fashion blogger uses a tablecloth, it’ll probably be a quarter-sized throw placed in the middle either horizontally or vertically across the table to give it a sophisticated look. In such a case, the throw’s color will do great matching the seat fabrics.

Dining seat fabrics appear marvelous when plain. As for the counter seats, it is better to have them with prints to bring additional blare to the plain bright counters. As for the curtains, a light fabric fits perfectly. The fabric should have as little prints, patterns and color as possible to complement the kitchen’s simplicity.

Kitchen Accessories and Décor

The most exciting part of a fashion blogger’s kitchen are the accessories. The accessories commonly found in their kitchen include chandeliers and sculptures to make the room sophisticated. Color coordination goes hand in hand with kitchen décor. A fashion blogger cannot resist the use of marble in their kitchen. However, they are extremely kin about the type of marble they use. Most fashion bloggers are generally into brush splashes, and this often manifests in the marbles in their kitchen.

Marble will be used around the sink area as well as the wall near the stove area. Some may choose to use the same marble on their countertops, which scream style as well. The floors will be tiled up, and cabinets left plain bright with handles that match the chandeliers. They will also hang artwork on the kitchen walls, especially near the dining area to bring about a unique personality.

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Color and Coordination

Fashion designers are increasingly turning to unique, deep colors for their kitchen walls. Unlike the usual cream or green, they will adopt colors like navy blue. These colors will be painted devoid of shapes, patterns or drawings; just plain hue. The color will also be double coated to ensure it that it doesn’t appear faint. Besides, a deep paint coat is more pronounced than its faded counterpart. When it comes to color coordination, more often than not, the wall shade will match with that of the dining seat fabrics. If there are counter seats, then these will take a different color path.

For ceilings and the wall behind the cabinets and counters, fashion bloggers use a brighter color like plain white. Inside the cabinets, a brush splash of an overcast color like brown can be used. The brush splash will not follow any precise pattern, just random to make it look artistic. If, for example, a brown brush splash is used on a white wall, then they will ensure that the counter seats feature fabrics that are white but slightly decorated with brown. The dining table can match the countertops or have an inclusive dark color splash.

What’s inside a fashion blogger’s kitchen? The answer is pure bliss. Every bit is clearly thought of and analyzed. They will refurbish it like they are putting together an outfit for the Red Carpet. Trying out the above styles can help one to achieve a fashion blogger’s kitchen look. It might be somewhat costly, but it is ultimately worthwhile.