What Color Tie Should Every Man Own?

No matter how small or large the tie collection, some ties should be a staple in a man’s closet. Whether you’re into slim or skinny width, narrow, or traditional, you can find the best ties in these styles. Let’s give a breakdown of the five ties every man should own.

5 Ties Every Man Should Own

In no particular order, here are some ties that should never be missing from a man’s wardrobe.

1. Solid Color Tie

A solid-color tie should specifically be a dark color, as that would have more versatility than a light-colored one. Some of the top recommendations include black and burgundy. Solid burgundy is the more flexible of the two, often going as well with formal clothes as it does with casual ones.

On the other hand, a solid black tie is the dressier and more formal option, though it’s bound to suit the variety of looks and ensembles under the formal category. That makes it an all-around formal tie.

You can pull off “dressy casual” with a black tie by pairing it with a loose white button-up. If you only ever own one tie in your life, it has to be this one. It tends to suit most events you might think of wearing a tie to.

2. Plaid Tie

Plaid ties mean you’re ready to have fun. They come in unique patterns and so often become the focal point of any ensemble. That said, these ties have to match well with the rest of you and are almost always casual.

If you’re thinking of wearing a plaid tie to work, don’t go for an over-the-top number. Subtle, bright-colored patterns are more office-appropriate. Despite not being as flashy, subtle plaid patterns can also be fun and can be worn to parties.

3. Striped Navy Tie

If you’re into patterned ties, this one should be the easiest to match with any wardrobe. While not too formal, they are formal enough to wear to the office.

Dating back to British military origins, these ties still maintain their clean, put-together appearance even today. However, instead of being an exclusively solid-colored tie, some varieties now come with a splash of color, enough to add excitement but still be proper.

For a classic look, aim for dark-blue stripes. Its darker color matches well with other colors, and its subtle pattern will not distract from the rest of your outfit.

4. Paisley Tie

There is something intimidating about the paisley tie, but that’s no reason to overlook it. Its complex patterns might prove tricky to match, though. Even so, they could contribute to a stunning look when they do go with an outfit.

There’s no question you’d be missing out on some unique, eye-catching fashion if you don’t secure at least one good tie. Historically, the paisley tie is the most interesting of the group. It may have originated as far back as the third century when it was light years away from the iconic men’s fashion trend it is today.

The paisley tie is not normally one for beginners due to the fashion understanding required to match it correctly. Plus, it tends to never work with flashy ensembles.

That said, you will want to stick to minimally designed shirts and suits, preferably in solid hues, to pair your ties with. When you do, you should be able to showcase both the tie as a centerpiece and your entire outfit. Difficult matching should never be a reason to forego the paisley tie.

5. Bow Tie

If you don’t see yourself attending a black-tie event anytime soon, a bow tie would still be a great addition to your wardrobe. Get a few colorful pieces that pop out against your outfit, giving it a little bit of a fun twist.

Better paired with casual wear more than anything, you can wear a bow tie to substitute a standard necktie with a similar bow design. While the replacement might take away from the formality of the outfit, it could add more color and personality to it.

Bow ties are also a great choice for those who don’t feel the traditional necktie look. If an event or occasion offers a bit more leeway in terms of dress code, that could be the perfect time to showcase your favorite bow tie.

Just go for it instead of struggling to find a necktie pattern that suits your ensemble. On the other hand, how a bow tie is patterned shouldn’t matter, as you should be able to pass it off as a quirky look.

Get Your Must-Have Ties

Whether you’re starting your tie collection or looking to expand it, these ties are a must-have in your closet. Having at least one of each ensures that you can pull off “tied” outfits across the board. From classy and traditional looks to funky and unique ensembles, these five styles should have you showcasing your A-game each and every time.

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