Viva Las Vegas! Sabina Kelley

Model / Businesswoman / Mother Sabina Kelley doesn’t get much free time, but she did manage to squeeze in 5 minutes between Tattoo’s to speak to Flush the Fashion.

Sabina Kelley

What are you doing at the moment?
I am working on my own TV show and getting ready to shoot my 2012 calendar. I am also modeling full time, running my laser tattoo removal shop Bombshell Tattoo Removal, and being a good mommy!

How do you manage to find the time to do everything?
I’m a SuperMomdel (Model/Mom). Lol! I don’t screw around, and I am a total work-a-holic.

Sabina Kelley interviewWho does your tattoos?
Kent Kelley, Kat Von D, Mister Cartoon, Franco Vescovi, Mimsy, and Horitomo

What and where is your favorite Tattoo?
That’s tough as I love all of my tattoos, so I don’t really have a favourite. They all are very unique in different ways and have special meanings, so ALL of them.

If you could swap tattoos with someone for a day , who would it be?
I would never want to swap tattoos with anyone, because my Tattoo’s are so personal. So, nobody.

Do you plan to open any more Tattoo Parlours?
Yes, probably. I think I might open my next tattoo shop Bombshell Tattoo Parlor in San Diego.

Who is your favorite photographer?
Ellen Von Unwerth

What advice would you give someone thinking of becoming a model?
Be yourself. Don’t try look or be like any of the other popular models, because there is already one of them.

Nobody wants to hire or needs two of the same model. They want something new and different. Also don’t get tattooed thinking it will make you a model.

What are the best and worse things about living in Vegas?
Best things: Everyone always wants to visit you, there is always something to do, almost everything is open 24 hours, it’s fun, great restaurants, and I have an amazing mother in law who helps me with my lil ones.
Worst things: It’s too hot, and there is no beach.

Who is on your stereo at the moment?

Can you tell us anything about your Burlesque dance show?
Nope, it is all a secret. I have not done a burlesque performance in 5 years and probably will not perform until my TV show comes out.

Who are your heroes?
Bettie Page and Grace Kelly

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What is sexier clothes on or off?
Halfway off is the sexiest!

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