Top Tips for Getting Those DIY Jobs Done Before the Bad Weather Hits

Did you know, the most put-off DIY jobs are those that involve plumbing, electrics, white goods installation, tiling and carpentry?

But with the bad weather on its way (yes, we went there!), now’s the best time to tackle these dreaded jobs head-on.
So arm yourself with a tool chest and take note of these top tips which will have your DIY chores done in no time (and will stop the nagging):

1. Make a List

Unless your partner’s already got one of these made for you, put together a list of the jobs that need doing.
Write everything down then start to prioritise the most important tasks. If you can’t get everything done in the timeframe you’re working to, which jobs are most important?
Sometimes, money and time will be huge factors in which DIY jobs are going to get done so consider how much each task will cost and approximately how long the job will take. This will give you an idea of timescales and what you can realistically achieve.
Discuss this to-do list with everyone else in your household to make sure you’re all happy and then block out a few hours to start completing these tasks and delegate the tasks (if necessary).
Just having a plan in place can really motivate you to get things done.

2. Consider Getting Help

There are certain times when getting help is the best possible option.
Of course, this includes those jobs that are out of your remit, which may include rewiring the electrics, installing a new bathroom or something else that involves certain expertise.
Equally, it may be worth your while hiring someone to help out with labour-intensive jobs. For example, painting the entire staircase may take you weeks to complete, but a decorator might be able to get the job done in a couple of hours. Weighing up the cost of your time with the cost of a contractor may help you figure out which jobs to pass on and which to do yourself.

3. Make Sure They’re Worth It

Finally, before you go ahead and do any major DIY jobs, ask yourself whether they’re really worth it.
If you’re doing something to ‘add value to your home’, it’s worth getting some expert advice first – just to be sure it will actually improve your property’s selling power. Oftentimes, it’s the simple upgrades that remain in keeping with your home that are most worth doing.
Ultimately, getting your DIY jobs done is all about working out what’s worth doing now and what can be left until a later date. Having a plan in place will really help you start ticking things off your list.