Top Tips for a Long Social Event

Whether it’s an all-day wedding event, a birthday celebration, or simply partying until the sun rises, there’s no doubt that social occasions can take their toll even when you’re having the time of your life. It’s important to always feel your best during these long social occasions so that you can enjoy your experience without worry. Here are some easy tips that can help. 

Get a Good Night’s Sleep Beforehand

You don’t want to risk going into your social occasions completely exhausted the moment you get there. You’ll only start flagging a lot sooner than expected and be too tired to see it through properly. The amount of good sleep you get the day before will help you to feel more alert and refreshed on the day of your social event. 

Don’t Neglect Food and Drink (Especially Water)

When you’re busy partying and socializing, food and drink can easily take a back seat (especially if you’re focusing on only alcohol). However, this is necessary fuel to get you through and keep you feeling your best, and especially when you need to stay hydrated if you’re busy dancing, chatting, or walking. 

Keeping up with food and drink is especially important for all-day events, so make sure to plan ahead if you don’t think there’ll be many food options, so you can take some snacks and water with you. 

Choose Your Shoes Wisely

You don’t want your feet to give up before you do. That’s why the more comfortable and supportive your shoes, the better. A lot of people are guilty of choosing the shoes that look the best for social outings rather than those that are the most comfortable, but it’ll make a big difference if you’re going to be on your feet all day or all night. You may even want to take an easy change of shoes in your bag with you if you feel like you’ll need them later. 

Take Deodorant and Perfume with You 

There’s nothing like a quick freshen-up to keep you feeling your best. Taking deodorant and a top-up of your favorite scent, like Kilian perfume, with you in your bag means that you can reapply whenever you feel like you need it. This will also help for a confidence boost when you need it if you feel your deodorant or perfume is fading as the day wears on. 

Know How You’re Going to Get Home 

You don’t have to decide on a set time, but having a good idea of your options will always be helpful. You don’t want to risk last-minute panic if the person you thought could give you a lift home has already left or realizing that you don’t know any good taxis in the area. Plan ahead to know which number to call or who to talk to when you’re ready to head home. 

Avoid Planning Anything for the Day After 

Recovery and rest are just as important as enjoying the event itself. You don’t want to feel anxious about next-day plans or needing to get up early. The day after should be a relaxing one so that you can recharge, catch up on sleep or simply spend some time to yourself.

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