The Winter Guide to Pairing Comfort With Style

As the days and nights get colder, our summer wardrobes get cast away and out comes the warmer clothes. Despite the fact that we want to wrap up and wear some big jumpers and scarves, it is still important not to compromise our look with warmer clothing.

The good news is that there are some amazing ways that you can pair comfort with style this winter. This includes wearing things like faux fur lined boots and oversized jumpers. To find out how to do this, keep reading to find out more.

Blanket Coats

Have you ever wanted to walk around with a blanket hanging over you? Now is the perfect time to do so as blanket coats are bang on trend. Of course, you’ll need to get one of the amazing designer blanket coats to be able to pull off this trend but when you do, you’ll feel comfortable and stylish at the same time. Make sure to check out what some of the runway models are wearing this A/W.

Faux Fur Lined Boots

Another fashion trend that is going to make you feel very comfortable is faux fur lined boots. It is important that you opt for faux fur as this is a much more sustainable option. When you get your hands on the boots, you’ll be able to walk around the shops or to and from work with your feet feeling warm and comfortable. Make sure to choose some stylish faux fur boots if you want to look amazing this winter.


One of the best ways to stay comfortable while keeping your look is to layer up. Get yourself a nice t-shirt, a long camel coat and a scarf and you’ll feel warm and stylish at the same time. It is so easy to wear layers without ruining your look as long as you pick the right accessories. Try to stay away from wearing hoodies as your layers and aim for long coats and scarves.

Luxury Scarves

The winter is coming and so is the season to bring out your most fashionable scarf. When it comes to scarves, the bigger the better so try to find one that is of a furry texture and will match some of your favourite outfits. The great thing about scarves is that you can take them off and throw them in your bag when you want to maintain your look and when you’re outside you’ll look great!

Oversized Jumpers

Our final tip for those who want to pair comfort with style this winter is to try some oversized jumpers. Make sure to choose a high-quality one and not one that you have been wearing to bed. Oversized jumpers should be paired with some thin trousers or skinny jeans if you want to make them look as stylish as possible. Take some inspiration from the celebs that are wearing oversized jumpers and you will see how you can pair style with comfort.

Final Verdict

There’s no reason why you can’t be comfortable in the winter as there are plenty of ways to stay stylish. Think about trying out some oversized jumpers or layering up with some of your favourite outfits. Our favourite trend right now is faux fur lined boots which can be paired with loads of different outfits for the ultimate style and comfort combination.

Make sure to take everything that we have covered in this article on board and don’t be afraid to see what sort of style and comfort combinations that you can come up with.

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