The Top 6 Sneaker Styles for 2020

The athleisure trend has dominated fashion pages for the best part of the last decade, and the situation is no different in 2020. Comfort and versatility remain a priority this season, especially in the realm of footwear. New sneakers are dropping every week in a variety of price ranges and styles to keep your wardrobe fresh. 

But when it comes to the latter, choosing from the endless range of options can be a headache. Do you opt for the fashion “it kicks” that are guaranteed to get you noticed, or should you stick with a retro classic to keep your outfits cool for years to come? 

To help you put your best foot forward, let’s take a look at the top 6 sneaker styles for 2020. 

Tennis Shoes

Typically constructed out of lightweight canvas or a leather upper over a rubber outsole, tennis shoes are a summer staple that offers timeless versatility. They might not be the best option for rainy seasons, as puddles and canvas don’t mix, but winter and autumn are ideal seasons to pick up a pair as they’re most likely to be on sale. 

The likes of Vans, Converse, and New Balance offer decent entry-level options in this category. Bring up your budget a little and you can pick up a more durable pair, such as the Common Projects Achilles or Saint Laurent Court Classic. Top-notch craftsmanship and buttery-smooth leather are to be expected among higher-end offerings. 

Running Trainers

Casual kicks have a place in every man’s wardrobe, so too does a killer pair of technical trainers for the (hopefully more than occasional) gym session. Recent advancements in manufacturing and materials have brought us a new breed of trainers that are more lightweight, comfortable and performance-driven than ever thought possible.

Whether it’s Nike’s ultra-breathable Flyknit uppers or Adidas’ gravity-defying Boost midsoles, there are plenty of great options here. Depending on how much you’re willing to spend, it’s worth looking into the upper echelon of said brand’s performance technologies, namely Nike’s Vaporfly and Adidas’ 4D Runner shoes. 

Luxury Sneakers

Whether you want to make a lasting impression or lasting investment, the luxury segment of the sneaker market has the answer. There’s a near-endless list of designer labels to choose from, but some of the better options for 2020 include Balenciaga, Saint Laurent, Gucci, and Fendi. It’s wise to look towards brands that offer a range of different styles. 

Fendi sneakers, for example, come in all the shapes and sizes that reflect today’s chart-topping trends. Take a look at the selection available on SSENSE to get an idea of what there is. From clean and tasteful designs to eye-catching silhouettes in wild color combinations, there’s something for everyone here. 

The website also offers a range of designer brands for all your garment and accessory shopping needs, so be sure to check them out. 


No less American than NASCAR and apple pie, high-tops have quickly made their way off the court and into all of our wardrobes. Icons like the Converse All-Stars, Air Jordan 1s, and Reebok Freestyles have solidified their position in sneaker history and remain a reliable way to navigate the streets in 2020. 

That’s not to say mass-market offerings are your only option, though. Luxury fashion houses are also in on the trend, giving you a reliable way to elevate any casual outfit. Consider the Maison Margiela Future, Christian Louboutin Black Louis and those offered by iconic labels including Phillip Plein, Guiseppe Zanotti, and Versace. 

Chunky Sneakers

When it comes to modern fashion trends, none have been more prevalent in the past few years than the polarizing “chunky” or “dad” sneaker. Even the latest season’s catwalks have been adorned by the otherworldly silhouettes that incorporate all the fundamentals of the trend, including wild colorways, striking designs and, of course, massive outsoles.

They’re not for everyone, but if you feel like your ensembles need a little more excitement, a pair of chunky sneakers will do the trick. Consider the Techno and Falcon styles from Nike and Adidas respectively. Alternatively, hit the higher end with offerings like the Rhyton from Gucci or the one that arguably started it all, Balenciaga’s Triple S. 


Finally, it’s worth mentioning the one pair of sneakers we seldom look for but always need. It’s that one pair we have no problem beating up or sacrificing for garden duty. Plimsolls, which are defined by their canvas upper and rubber midsole, are naturally a great option here. They’re cheap, durable, and easy to wear. 

If you’re no fan of generic or unbranded kicks, then look towards the likes of Vans, Nike, and Converse for some simple, reliable and reasonably attractive options. 


These sneakers are sure to keep you moving from A to B in style no matter where you are. We all have to stick to a certain budget but don’t forget that quality over quantity definitely applies here.