Sponsored Video: Born to Fry!

Russet Burbank, Shepody, Innovator and Pentland Dell. No, despite what you might think these aren’t 20-something Silicon Valley billionaires or underground NY Graffiti Artists. They’re actually the names of four very special varieties of potatoes. They’re special because the spuds with the cool monickers all have a long shape and it’s perfect for making French Fries with.

It’s also the reason why the varieties are so popular with the British farmers that supply McDonalds with their fresh potatoes. Have a look at the video below to enhance further your sense of culinary enlightenment and to dispell a few urban myths in the process.

I have to admit my curiosity was pricked by this information and I set about scouring the internet for evidence of the worlds longest McDonalds Fry. You might not be surprised to find the world is awash with people claiming to have been served the worlds longest McDonalds fry. There are Facebook pages and even websites dedicated to them (some are over 6 inches long)

As far as the French Fry V’s Chip debate goes, I’m sat firmly on the fence. Whereas some purists would rather put hot pokers into their eyes than deviate from the traditional fish and chip type ’chip’, I think there’s room for both kinds to exist together in harmony in the universe.

In the same way you’d never put a ‘fry’ with a nice piece of cod a big fat chip is just too overwhelming to have with a burger (they’re also too big to dip into the ketchup thing too).


If I’m completely honest, there is one kind I’m not so sure about; triple cooked (chips). Paying £5 for a ‘wall’ of identically shaped crispy bricks is not only pretentious, in todays economic climate it’s downright expensive too.

If you see them on a menu take my advice and get out quick while you still have your street cred and some money in your pocket. A big portion of Pentland Dells wins every time.

This video is sponsored by McDonalds, but all thoughts are my own.