Quest for Fire – The Iron Maiden Zippo lighter!

Even, if you’re like me and don’t smoke, a Zippo lighter is still vital equipment for any camping expedition and there ability to transcend fashion and time, and just work puts them into ‘design classic’ territory.


In a way they’re a bit like Iron Maiden. Strong, safe, reliable and while often imitated, the original is always still the best. Have a look at this über cool Iron Maiden Limited Edition Zippo Lighter, featuring Eddie in his ‘The Trooper’ gear. It’s one of a series now available to buy from £26.45, but be quick (or be dead).

How cool is this? #zippo #maiden #ironmaiden #thetrooper

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Zippo celebrates its 85th anniversary in 2017 and since the company first formed it has sold over 550 million windproof lighters and 300,000 different lighter designs. From for more info visit

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