Freshening Up Your Drawers

Yes, I’m talking about your underwear. Those things that go under your clothes. 

Those things that nobody sees. Or at least not everyone. You need new ones every now and then. They may be hidden, but it still makes you feel good to have nice ones. And it’s healthy.

You should throw out your old underwear and get new ones every year, at least. This reduces your risk of a urinary tract infection and other illnesses in your pants. Yikes! If you don’t, your undergarments collect bugs and dust mites, causing all kinds of problems.

To keep thrush and other allergies and infections away, launder your underwear after each use on the hottest setting. Even if you do this diligently, your underwear still contains tens of thousands of living bacteria. Yuck!

A leading UK cleaning company discovered that there are millions of bacteria in two tablespoons of old washing machine water and ninety percent of used tea towels have E Coli. Your clean underwear is very dirty.

Not only should you wash your underwear after every use, but you should replace it yearly, and you need to change and launder your bed sheets at least once a week. As you sleep, you shed dead skin cells, microorganisms, and sweat.

Failing to wash these intimate objects helps bacteria to thrive. But even still, if your washing machine is dirty, your clothes aren’t getting as clean as they should. It’s important to wipe out the detergent drawer and clean it in hot, soapy water every few months. This helps prevent soap build up.

Run a monthly cycle of hot water with no clothes, so it rids your washer of bacteria and mould. Wipe out the rubber seal with a diluted vinegar or bleach solution to prevent the growth of new bacteria and mould.

If it’s time for you to freshen your drawers, Bonds provides comfortable, stylish, one hundred percent cotton undergarments, leisure clothes, and athletic wear to keep you happy and healthy.

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