Fashion trends for 2024: Our top three styles

It might already be January, but we’re still thinking about the trends that we expect to last well into the next year. There are some key indicators of certain and upcoming trends for SS24, with the scene now heavily dominated by progressive ideas, soft colours, and striking surprises. From androgynous fits to classic football kit, we’ve covered three of the most prominent styles for 2024 below. 

Three top fashion trends for 2024 

Unisex style 

Fast fashion and designer brands need to prepare for gender fluid trends in the coming months and years. According to MarketingWeek, industry projections suggest that, by 2028, the international market for unisex fashion could be worth $3.2 billion

Androgynous styles are surging in popularity on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok, with some influencers dedicating their entire channel to showcasing their outfit choices. Even some of the biggest marketplaces recognise the need for the unisex category. 

From wide-leg, culotte-style trousers to oversized sweaters and pressed jackets, there are so many ways to experiment with fashion in a genderless way. This fluidity helps brands to celebrate differences and become more inclusive, relating to both their image and their audience. 

Football influence 

Every season offers different opportunities for kit collectors. Likewise, it’s no secret that styles have always been closely linked to sports. Classic Adidas and Nike designs, for example, still sell for hundreds online and frequently appear as rare but highly sought-after pieces. 

Everyone wears football shirts, and for good reason: they’re timeless, comfortable, and dynamic. Football fashion is ever-evolving in pattern and colour, but the fundamental designs never really change. Bold stripes and geometric panels make characteristic features, but it’s not unusual to see one-off drops changing the game.  

Kanye West was recently spotted sporting in a Portsmouth shirt, but those with appreciation for the classics might prefer to wear Liverpool home kit, just as proudly as their finest suits. 

Pastel colours 

Pale pink and natural tones: as we head into the spring, we should expect to see peachy colours appear in every niche in the fashion industry. 

Soft shades with a warm, slightly muted effect are taking the world by storm, suiting almost anyone who has warm undertones to their skin. From rosy cheeks to freckles and glowing cheeks, pairing a pastel or peachy outfit is one way to exude health.    

With more and more catwalks encouraging head-to-toe styling, soothing colours take centre stage. In a similar approach to the techniques used by the world’s best interior designers, pastels will add harmony and youthful energy to any outfit.  

In summary… 

Some trends never die. In 2024, we’re expecting football fashion to take precedence. Increasingly, we should also expect to see more unisex designs and soft, ice-cream tones appear on the red carpet. 

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