Art Rotterdam 2015: Joël Moens

I was in Rotterdam a few weeks ago for the Rotterdam Art Fair among the 100’s of artists on display at was Joël Moens. From a distance some of his is familiar, but up close they hold a secret. It seems, an obsession.

The Kiss by  Joel Moens

At the heart of my works, we discover faceless identities that are anonymous and almost invoke a dreamlike state, a state of fantasy. But this is also woman with a capital W we see. Woman as the divine, the creator, or even pro-creator, woman as a subject and/or object of desire. But most importantly, a woman who is free. Free to make her own decisions entirely. Free to offer herself to God just like the nun in “Adoration“ or giving herself over to herself. Free to be a Mother and a mistress at the same time, or indeed neither…



Essentially, what I am portraying in my work is love and the diverse range of forms that this love can take. And then there is the sexuality that can be found in each one of us, however we choose to express or repress it. Sexuality that is also an important influence in life.

joelmoens art rotterdam 2015

Sex and art goes together since the most important sexual organ is the brains….

About the Artist
Joël’s first photo mosaic works emerged in 2011, his contemporary alternatives to pixel art and pointilism are shown in exhibitions all over the world. For more information on Joël’s art visit
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