Alternative options for feminine hygiene products

For decades the standard feminine hygiene products for women were tampons and pads. Women were quite often not given more options when it came to caring for their periods. Instead, they were forced to use products that were not always effective when it came to leaking protection and odour control, and they were left feeling vulnerable to the products they were given.

Now, things are different. More products than ever are available to women regarding female hygiene. While plenty of women still choose to use tampons and pads, tens of thousands of women are happy to find that they have alternative options. Do you know about some alternative options for female hygiene? Keep reading.

1 Menstrual Cups

Women globally have praised the menstrual cup because of its ease and because of the freedom that it affords. Menstrual cups are silicone-based cups inserted into the vagina just like a tampon. Menstrual cups are bendable and foldable, but once inserted in the correct position, they will stay in their position and collect the menstrual fluid. Menstrual cups allow you to swim and be active with no mess. Menstrual cups can stay inserted for up to eight hours. Menstrual cups are suitable for your purse and also good for the environment. So instead of having to lug around tampons and pads, you have the menstrual cup inside of you, and you can forget about it. Depending on your flow, you may have to empty it a few times a day, but there is no trash associated with these cups.

2 Period Underwear/Pants

Period underwear has also become highly popular because they allow you to go about your day without worrying about smell and leaking. Wuka is a UK leader in teen period pants, and according to Wuka, these pants are “Designed to take care of your period, all day or all night, while you just keep being you.” No more worries about having to change out your pad or your tampon. Period pants are made with an innovative fabric that is layered, absorbing your menstrual fluid without leaving you feeling wet.

3 Reusable Pads

Reusable pads are another great way for you to take care of your period in an eco-friendly manner. Reusable pads are used in the same way that disposable pads are used. The difference is that instead of throwing them out and polluting the world, you wash them out, and you can resume them again.

You Have Options
You have more options for your feminine hygiene than women ever did in the past, so make wise choices. For example, you can choose to pollute the world with your cycle, or you can take care of your time of the month and not hurt our delicate ecosystem. Apart from the earth-friendly aspect of alternative female hygiene care, these options are more effective and comfortable.

With these great options, you no longer have to have so much animosity towards your monthly friend.