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The Lexi Cinema presents The Nomad

nomad - lexi cinema

Not all of the alternative cinema organisations are obsessed with Horror, The Nomad does things on a bigger scale, screening recent classic movies, such as Momento ,and golden oldies like Time Bandits at outdoor venues all over London and it’s surrounding area during the summer months.

I went to one in Greenwich Park and there was a special atmosphere watching a movie in such a beautiful location. We got some more info from Clare Woodcock.

Are there plans to show at more venues in the future?
Absolutely, the plan is to move further afield around all parts of the UK

In your experience, are there certain types of films that work better in an outdoor experience?
It largely depends on the location we are screening. However it’s often the Nostalgic movies that are the most popular. It’s great to see a film that you’ve not seen for ages in a very different location

What happens if it rains?
We adopt the Great British Spirit and Carry on! All the equipment is waterproof ( or kept undercover), and we have rain ponchos at the ready for the audience.

You would be surprised at the resilience of people that just get on with it and enjoy the experience come rain or shine!

Can I bring my own bottle of wine?
To most venues yes, we encourage picnics at most of our venues, although if you forget, we have an airstream on site on site providing lots of lovely food and drink. There are the occasional venues that have restrictions on glass, best thing to do is check on the website.

Half of your profits go to the Sustainability institute, what is that?
The Sustainability Institute, focuses on learning for sustainable living and is based at the Lynedoch EcoVillage Development, Stellenbosch in South Africa.

The focus has been combining practice with theory in a way that integrates ecology and equity in support of a sustainable South Africa, with special reference to ways of reducing and eradicating poverty. (more info on the Institute can be found here)

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There are tons of other people all over the UK organising screenings of a huge range of movies
Here are a few is a couple more


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