6 Must-Have Travel Gadgets

Traveling is one of the things people look forward to after spending much time at home, work, or school. Seeing new places, experiencing new cultures, and witnessing the world as it transforms before your eyes are something worthwhile and very cathartic.   

Especially after the stressful past two years when there was uncertainty. The danger was so real that you would want to stay home and be safe. But now, everything seems to be returning to its feet, and world tourism is going back to normal. People are rushing to travel and tick off boxes on their bucket lists. But before you book that flight and pack your bags, here are some must-have travel gadgets you need to consider bringing:  

  1. RFID Blocking Devices 

As technology becomes very sophisticated, so is the manner of thievery by unscrupulous individuals. Today, since more people are opting to be cashless, they rely primarily on their credit cards to finance their trips. Meanwhile, thieves became ingenious and devised a tool to copy the information on people’s credit cards, using it to purchase expensive things and transfer money.   

You only need to pass beside that person in the airport for them to quickly scan your wallet and copy all the details on your credit cards. That’s why you must have an RFID blocking tool on your wallets when you travel, especially in countries with very lax security. The device works to interrupt the radio wave signal so the reader won’t be able to access the information on your credit cards.  

Typically, you may bring several credit cards, so when you have a problem, you have several backups to make your life stress-free. However, carrying many cards in a regular wallet while traveling could be pretty inconvenient as it tends to be bulky.   

Also, putting it in your back pocket could pose a severe health issue affecting your back and cause pain called the fat wallet syndrome. It happens when you sit on your bulky wallet for an extensive period. It compresses your sciatic nerve, which could be pretty excruciating when this persists. So, it would be great to have a slim carbon fiber wallet that you can put in your front pocket.   

  1. Portable Steam Iron 

Wearing clothes full of creases is not something you’d want to have photos of in front of the Eiffel tower, right? Packing can be challenging. And even if you roll or fold your clothes, you’d still end up with unsightly creases that ruin the photos of your most-awaited holiday.   

Instead of stressing yourself with packing and spending a lot of money on hotel ironing services, why not bring a portable steam iron? It can make all your clothes smooth and look freshly laundered.    

  1. Portable Mini Washing Machine  

With a portable washing machine, you won’t need to pack many clothes. You may conveniently wash the few clothes you brought with you using a portable washing machine and allow them to dry by hanging the clothes on racks.  

You may save lots of money from getting premium hotel laundry services and avoid washing your clothes on dirty hotel sinks. The portable washing machine provides quality wash and will make your clothes smell nice and clean with just a little water and detergent. Each load will allow you to wash at least two shirts, two pairs of socks, and two pairs of underwear. It is lightweight and wouldn’t even occupy much space on your luggage.

  1. Gimbal 

Creating Hollywood-quality videos using your smartphone is possible with a gimbal. A gimbal stabilizes your device. That way, your shots are not shaky and blurry. Creating videos using push-forward, crane shot, and fly-through strategies will be much easier. People might think you’re using a high-end professional device. So, if you want to take high-quality photos or videos during your vacation, purchase a gimbal. 

  1. Portable WIFI Hotspot 

The internet signal in many places, especially in third-world countries, can be pretty awry, so bringing your own portable WIFI hotspot can be the solution for not staying off the grid. It can be convenient, especially if you’re traveling as a group since multiple devices can simultaneously connect. And since you’re not connected to a public WIFI, you can be sure of its safety and security.   

  1. Thermal socks 

When traveling to a freezing location, especially during the winter season, you need to prepare for the cold because it can put your health at risk. More so if you’re not used to the frigid temperatures. Aside from thermal jackets, gloves, and ear mufflers, you might want to wear thermal socks.  

Cold travels very quickly on a person’s feet; keeping it warm and cozy can affect the entire body. You may also use thermal socks when skiing, skating, or hiking. It lessens the probability of getting frost bites, helping you have a fun and safe vacation.   


Little things that you could pack in your luggage that will provide convenience and ease in your travel should be part of your list. Modern tools have been invented to ensure you enjoy your journey by making it stress-free and worry-free. So, when you pack your bags, check if you brought your RFID blocker, carbon fiber slim wallet, and all the whatnots mentioned. With these gadgets, you can look forward to a happy trip wherever you go.