Fashion: Rich Forever

When Rappers or musicians delve into the fashion industry the results can be varied eg, Snoop Dogg or Rhianna or Victoria Beckham.

Bridesmaid dress trends to watch out for in 2020

If you are looking to make your bridesmaids dress as fabulously as you, then there are certain top trends that you need to keep in mind. The bridesmaid dress needs to be perfect, and it just can’t be anything to get the job done.

How to protect your suit when travelling

A lot of us have to travel a lengthy commute In order to get to work in the morning. In 2016, the Office for National Statistics revealed that 3.7 million workers travelled for two hours or more every weekday as part of their commute.

Fashion: Billy Ruffian Shoes

Billy Ruffian was actually the nickname of the British warship (HMS Bellerophon) that first sailed in 1786 and had a long and prestigious life playing major roles in many a Maritime manoeuvre across the world including both the Battle of the Nile and The Battle of Trafalgar.

The Top 8 Spring Makeup Trends to Try Right Now

Fashion and beauty experts around the world have been eagerly anticipating the Spring 2020 fashion shows, and they certainly didn’t disappoint. Not only did we get tons of fashion inspiration from our favorite designers, but now we have lots of new makeup trends to experiment with as well.