Car Review: Peugeot 107 Sportium

Sportium, it sounds a bit like the name of a Roman guard from the Asterix the Gaul cartoons. In the ‘real’ world, it’s the name of two special edition Peugeot cars, the 207 and the car I’ve just tested, the 107.

Peugeot 107 Sportium

It has to be said the plain old ‘regular’ 107 is pretty well equipped to start with, electric power steering, four airbags, electronic remote central locking with front electric windows and a CD player all come as standard. Now they have reduced the price to just £7195 you are already getting quite a lot for your money .

The Sportium is £2700+ more expensive, but has 14″ alloy wheels, some new colours (Laser Red, Citrus Yellow, Diamond White, Zircon Grey and Electra Blue), tinted rear windows, ‘white’ door mirror covers and interior detailing. You also get Air-Con (surprisingly welcome on a hot week in October) and somewhere to plug your iPod into.

Sportium 107 interiorAs you may expect from a small car the 107 Sportium feels most at home in the city and has all the necessary requirements, it’s nippy, great on fuel and low on emissions. If you don’t have a Sat-Nav or a good sense of direction (like me), it’s also perfect for quick lane changes and U-Turn’s.

In the hustle and bustle of the urban jungle it scores top marks. It might just be co-incidence but somehow I even managed to find a parking space in the middle of Islington.

It looks smart, and modern, and while not particularly spectacular it isn’t ugly either. We had the 5 door version and because the shape and back windows are identical to the 3 door it took me a couple of hours before I realised the back doors were in fact, er.. ‘doors’. A bonus, and much easier than climbing in and out over the front (and the 5 dr is the same price).

On the downside, space in the back seats is a bit limited and while the boot will hold a couple of shopping bags and a laptop bag it’s not roomy enough for anything else. In the front however, the driving position is comfortable, I am over 6ft and didn’t feel cramped at all.

The interior of the Sportium 107 is unfussy and fairly minimal, the dashboard controls are big and chunky and have a nice ‘retro’ feel to them. It doesn’t quite have the same panache as a Fiat 500, but it’s unpretentious and feels tough and hard wearing. One small complaint, the volume control on a car stereo should be a nob, not a button, ALWAYS. End of.

107 Sportium Review

One thing I noticed was all these years I have been driving cars WITH rev counters and wondering why they are always there, and when you get a car without one you actually miss it. Strange. Incidentally if you can’t live without one, you can get it as an optional extra on the Urban version.

We gave it a good road testing, and to be honest I wasn’t especially looking forward to driving the 120 odd miles from Norwich to London, but the ride was not the bone shaking ordeal I had been expecting. Handling is good and the suspension while firm, but not too firm. For a light car the steering has a balanced weight to it.

The 1.0 litre petrol engine and five-speed manual gearbox have a fluidity about them, although it should be noted wind noise can be noticeable should the needle legally go above 70mph.

Eight point 5 out of 10The 107 Sportium compares favourably with the other cars in this price range, however at under £10,000 is only just cheaper than a basic spec 207 with a larger engine. If you are looking for a new Peugeot in this price range, what you go for really depends on how important the little extras are to you.

Peugeot 107 Sportium Edition
Current Price: £9,945.00
Top Speed: 100mph
C02 Emmissions: 103g/km
Fuel consumption
Urban drive: 52.2mpg
Extra urban: 70.62mpg
Combined: 62.7mpg

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