Steve Clarke

Born in celtic lands, nurtured in art college, trained by the BBC, inspired by hunter s. thompson and released onto the battlefront of all things interesting/inspiring/good vibes... people, movies, music, clubbing, revolution, gigs, festivals, books, art, theatre, painting and trying to find letters on keyboards in the name of flushthefashion. Making sure it's not quite on the western front... and beyond.

Film Review: Flash Gordon 4K

He may “save every one of us” (wailed Freddie Mercury in the Flash Gordon title song by Queen), but for a great deal of its development and creation, it was a miracle that the movie got finished at all, and wasn’t crushed mercilessly by a great many factors and tons of sequins.

Film Review: Days of the Bagnold Summer

feature debut directed by Simon Bird ( the wonderfully hapless Will from The Inbetweeners) based on a graphic novel by Joff Winterhart and adapted by Lisa Owen.

Film Review: The Elephant Man

Whether folk have seen the ‘The Elephant Man’ (1980) directed by at the time new weird kid on the block David Lynch, or not, there’s a strong likelihood that they know the existence of one John Merrick (born Joesph) who lived in Victorian London.

Film Review: Dogs Don’t Wear Pants

The latest release by these bastions of strange, is completely on point with their remit of the quirky and off kilter, all incredibly beautifully rendered and told by Finnish director J-P Valkeapää.

Film Review: The Invisible Man

The Invisible Man may have been a book written a wee bit of time ago in 1897, by none other than one of the fathers of science fiction H.G. Wells, but in 2020, the film adaptation by director/writer Leigh Whannell is possibly the most zeitgeisty movie I have EVER seen!

Film: Mrs Lowry & Son – now on Blu-ray/DVD

Flush covered the cinematic release of Mrs Lowry & Son towards the end of last year, and we were completely enamoured with the entire film, maybe just as devoted as L.S. was to his mother.

Film Review: Knives Out

All the traditional ingredients are prepared, washed Agatha Christie, diced Hitchcock and thrown into the Rian Scriptor Blender, with lashings of potent liqour fuelled ideas, as the objective isn’t just a token nod to bygone age…

Film Review: ‘Le Mans ‘66’

Zen and Art of 7,000 rpm There were many positive distant rumblings after James Mangold’s ‘Le Mans ‘66’ (2019) played at various film festivals…

Senet Magazine – Kickstarter Q&A

Choose dice, Choose a character. Choose a group of friends. Choose a venue. Choose a selection of yummy snacks. Choose halcyon times with great mates that will last a lifetime. Choose not constantly staring into a digital screen (well after you’ve read this of course).

Film Review: Brittany Runs A Marathon

It’s a thin line we type when writing the reviews for Flush, there’s so much we want to say, share and praise, but NEVER at the expense of taking any surprise away from the readers (hopeful) enjoyment of whatever it is we are buzzing of at that given moment.

DVD Review: ‘That’ll Be The Day’ (1973) & ‘Stardust’ (1974)

The approach to the making of a music film is as broad as the spectrum of music itself. There’s many a time that you don’t have to even be a fan of the band/subject to be richly rewarded with a viewing, be it a documentary, biopic or fictional drama, the well recorded excesses of the music world have enough notes, tastes and remixes to appease pretty much everyone.