Pat Levy

OK, I may be a tad older than the photo might suggest but I'm just as young at heart. Travel for me is like sleep for Macbeth: 'Balm of hurt minds, great nature’s second course / Chief nourisher in life’s feast.'

Superb Places to Stay and Eat in Switzerland

Switzerland is a magical land where doe-eyed cattle set the pristine mountains tinkling with the sound of cowbells while the slowest express train in the world, the Glacier Express, trundles through snow-capped peaks.

A Trieste Travelogue

by Pat Levy When in Venice, there will come a time when you feel jaded and need awakening from the dreamy, Disneyfied atmosphere of…

Travel: The Best of Venice

An implausible city, built on a series of sandy banks in the Laguna Veneta, free of land-based vehicles, bursting with life during the day but relatively silent and even a little eerie at night.

Travel: Vienna is a Waltz

Once the hub of an empire which stretched across Europe, modern Vienna is a modest city of less than two million people.