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Food: Tibits – Mayfair, London

Even the most hardened of carnivores amongst us cannot fail to be aware of the advantages of following a plant-heavy diet, whether you choose…

Food: El Pirata, Mayfair London

I got to thinking this when I first found out that El Pirata had been on the scene for 20 years. Over two decades in this town with the fickle memories is an immense feat and there’s no way a restaurant displaying any kind of mediocrity could possibly last that long so it’s with very high expectations that we descend into Mayfair to try it out.

Travel – Westin Costa Navarino, Greece

Greece has a magic that washes over you and it weaves a spell that offers something for everyone; the birthplace of modern civilisation, democracy and the Olympics married with the sparkling waters, sandy beaches, blue-domed churches and quiet culture of the islands.

Food: Afternoon Tea @Town House Kensington, London

Afternoon tea is one of those decidedly British things to indulge in – after all, there is not much wrong with the world that cannot be solved with a well-timed cup of tea and a piece of cake to wash it down with.

Food: Tapas Revolution

Tapas has become this ubiquitous word we (or at least I) use to describe everything that is a small plate of morsels designed to be shared, it evokes a flavour of leisurely lunches, delicious glasses of wine, grazing and most importantly the joys of sharing food with friends and loved ones.

Travel: Coworth Park near Ascot

It’s a combination of classic old-school elegance meeting the modern day mod-cons, with all the thoughtful little touches you might expect from a luxurious Dorchester property.

Travel: Naumi Hotel, Singapore

If you come to visit Singapore, finding somewhere to rest your weary head after action-packed days exploring this hyper-modern town will be high up on your priority list and Singapore doesn’t disappoint.

Travel: Princesa Yaiza Resort , Lanzarote

The words ‘Child friendly luxury’ would usually suggest to me that it wasn’t really suitable for adults on their own, but a stay at the Princesa Yaiza Resort in Lanzarote will convince you otherwise, it’s a place uniquely suited to keep both adults and children alike happy.

Food: The Lucky Pig, Fulham

The Lucky Pig draws naming inspiration opens its second venue in Fulham, (the other is in Fitzrovia) offering cocktails, decadence and some top notch food to the good people here.

Travel: Jade Mountain, St Lucia

It’s actually two resorts within one; Anse Chastanet is closer to the beach although still set high enough to offer a spectacular view but it is Jade Mountain, set way up high into the hills that causes your jaw to drop.

Food: Busaba Eathai – Shoreditch

Busaba Eathai needs no introduction for many Londoners, frequently full to the rafters with punters siting around the dark wood communal style tables, most often found surrounded by a series of dishes strewn around the table, enthusiastically attacked by chopstick wielding diners.