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Film Review: The Shape Of Water

I’ve been a Guillermo Del Toro fan for many years; after seeing Pan’s Labyrinth very late one night I’ve devoured all his films and adored his wonderful nightmare fairy-tale film-scapes.

Film Review: Comet

It’s not your typical romcom at all. An endearing set of snapshots of a couple that aren’t perfect or even happy but honest and believable.  

Film Review: 12 years a slave

The year before last I read an article about Shame and promptly went to see it. It completely knocked me sideways. Emotionally exhausting, but mesmerising.

Film Review – The Conjuring

Horror has always had a steady current of the spectral and demonic running through it. Classics like the Exorcist, The Shining and Poltergeist share common themes. A family is haunted by beings either dead (and not happy about it), or some kind of supernatural force.

Film Review: The Wolverine

I love Xmen, I used to watch the animated series as a kid and have enjoyed the films they have made overall. First Class…

Film Review: Trance

I have been a fan of Danny Boyle for a while, I love ’28 Days Later’ (although I switch off when the Eccleston occurs and that is between Eccleston and me). The trailer for Trance didn’t look like the usual kind of thing I go and see, but I was willing to give it a chance.

FIlm Review: Hitchcock

This biopic focuses on a specific section of Alfred Hitchcock’s life; his direction of one of his most famous films Psycho. Hitch, played by Anthony Hopkins (Silence of the lambs, Remains of the day) is wonderfully humorous and a little morbid.

Game Review: DmC – Devil May Cry

Devil May Cry is an awesome button bashing, style blaring franchise. I’ve been hooked on them since the first PlayStation 2 game and have eagerly awaited each sequel.

Film Review – Sinister

Horror films aren’t my thing to go see at the cinema: I Don’t scare easily and people that do kind of get on my nerves but the trailer for Sinister didn’t seem like your standard run of the mill horror film.

Film Review: Resident Evil 5 – Retribution

Resident Evil 5 is never going to win any Oscars or anything like that, but for mindless entertainment, blood, guns and terrible acting, it’s something to fill a grey autumn afternoon (that isn’t too taxing on your brain).

Film Review: Dredd 3D

I’m far from being a massive Judge Dredd Fan: I saw the 1995 film and have read 3 graphic novels. I know that good old Sly Stallone removing his helmet was a massive no-no. The trailer for the new Dredd looked amazing and promised a grittier ultra-violent adaptation of the much admired 2000AD’s comic book character.

HitchHikers Guide To The Galaxy – Live

I grew up with The HitchHikers Guide To The Galaxy. I remember listening to the radio series in primary school over and over and I read the book continuously quoting from it continually as a kid, adoring it completely.

Film Review: Moonrise Kingdom

Anderson has toned down his quirky style a notch, maybe his close relationship with the setting and story (it’s based in mid 1960’s New England, not a million miles away from Anderson’s childhood home) has given him the confidence to see the film as a whole, and it feels like his most coherent piece of cinema to date.