Harry Acosta

Harry Acosta is a professional photographer who started out shooting concerts. Harry is an avid concertgoer and loves to capture his favorite musicians and unseen moments we take for granted in everyday life.

Music: Lindsey Stirling Rises Above at Express LIVE!

The second most inspiring performance I’ve ever seen happened just last week. Wayne Coyne, of the Flaming Lips, explained how Yoshimi Versus the Pink Robots was really about seeing a friend who is focused on doing something impossible; and that no matter what, “You don’t tell them they can’t do it”.

Music: ZZ Ward — Soul, Energy, and Heart

Photos courtesy of Harry Acosta — Website | Instagram | Facebook ZZ Ward (Zsuzsanna Eva Ward) made her way through Columbus, OH this week bringing with her Billy Raffoul and…

Music: The Triumph of the Wild Reeds

Photos courtesy of Harry Acosta — Website | Instagram | Facebook To live is to be heartbroken. Not everyone feels the joy of true love before they die. That…

Adia Victoria: Comfortably Haunting

In the darkest of venues, Adia Victoria introduces Horrible Weather, “This next song is about toxic relationships”. The pianos starts in with simpler chords that work to resonate the journey of a rugged, southern soul better than the studio release