Amelia Harvey

English student attempting to be an author in the South of England. A fan of loud music and quiet films, Tumblr blogger and local radio DJ.

Review: Gerard Way- Hesitant Alien

Opening song ‘Bureau’ stills has some of the punk influences fans of My Chemical Romance will appreciate but it is clear the 37 year old has come into his own.

Lana Del Rey – Ultraviolence

New Yorker native Lana finds her comfort zone on her Black Key, Dan Auerbach’s produced album. Gone are the hip-hop influences from Bord To Die, instead replaced with dreamy California tones.

Review: Coldplay – Ghost Stories

Written post-Paltrow split Ghosts Stories is a concept album that tells the story of someone going through a dramatic and sudden breakup, with the narrative following the man’s various emotional states leading up to his eventual acceptance of the situation.

Film Review: Only Lovers Left Alive

Indie director Jim Jarmusch (Broken flowers) directs Tom Hiddleton, a reclusive musician who makes a living as a dark tortured artist and Eve a brighter more educated bloodsucker. Eve leaves her exotic home to save suicidal romantic Adam from the dark downtrodden Detroit City.

Film Review: Her

Ours is a world over run with technology. On the train, or with friends around a dinner table, even in a nightclub, everyone is…

Film Review: Dallas Buyers Club

Originating from a newspaper piece about Ron Woodroof Jean-Marc Vallée’s, the movie has rightfully took over the awards scene but the Dallas Buyers Club is a film that took nearly twenty years to make.

Live Review: 30 Seconds To Mars – O2 Arena

You Me At Six hide any hint of their pop punk past with a more adult set. The Surrey five piece have come a long way from their All Time Low wannabe first album, frontman Josh Franceschi shows more confidence than ever before.

Too Weird to live, too weird to die by Panic! At The Disco

‘Vegas Lights’ and ‘Girls/Girls/Boys’ are great electronic pop tracks that show an 80’s influence on their signature seedy lyrics. These songs could easily leak into the mainstream and give the band the commercial success they deserve.

Banshee – TV Season One Review

This modern cowboy drama comes from Alan Ball, the creator of True Blood (he left the show to concentrate on this) and is co-produced by House’s Greg Yaintes.

Live: Beyoncé’s ‘Mrs Carter Show’ – LG Arena Birmigham

As costume and set changes happen a collection of half-fashion short film, and half-empowering spoken word play on, these are captivating but after a while you start to feel short changed. After all, you pay a hefty ticket price to see her in person, not a five minute video. You feel like you don’t get enough to time to sink into the music before she’s finished the song (often shortened) and has launched into another costume change + video combination.

Pink – The Truth About Love Tour O2 Arena

Pink’s show starts off with an Andy Kaufman type (The ringmaster) wandering around in a sparkly suit like an extra from Beetlejuice. Then the 33-year-old energetically kicks her show with into gear with ‘Raise Your Glass’ – hanging upside down by a bungee rope attached to three half-naked men.

Live Review: Biffy Clyro – BIC

Biffy Clyro have been on the edge of glory since their 2007 Puzzle album and started their tour celebrating a number 1 album in the UK. Their back catalogue was really made for this size venue if not something bigger.

Paramore by Paramore

Paramore are a band who could have easily crumbled in the last few years. Original guitarist and drummer Zac and Josh Farro left unceremoniously in 2010 with a rather nasty online message about their bandmates and Bassist, Jeremy Davis and guitarist Taylor York were left to pick up the piece with the extroverted yet pint-sized frontwoman Hayley Williams.