November, 2020

Top 4 Korean Makeup Trends in 2020 with Nature Republic

South Korea is known for the latest beauty techniques. After the 10-Step Korean skincare routine, cream skin, and snail slime facials, we now have new trends that involve dunking one’s face in cold water to retain makeup power. Beauty has evolved to accommodate all skin types and needs.

Car Review: Lexus RX450h Takumi

Ok, so as you may know the Lexus RX450h isn’t completely new. It originally launched in 2016, but the 2020 upgrade comes with a few small but significant improvements.

Should You Care About Cryptocurrency?

To many of us, cryptocurrency seems like another tech fad that will likely disappear in the future. Unfortunately, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have been around for a very long time now and most of the people that made a fortune off it were people that followed it early on.

Recipe: Creamy Seafood Chowder

Jason’s Sourdough, the creators of the artisan sourdough sliced loaf, and food and travel blogger, Elizabeth Atia, have teamed up to create a simple creamy seafood chowder recipe, accompanied with a serving of Jason’s artisan sourdough.

Men’s Winter Fashion Guide 2020

As autumn comes to an end and winter is truly on its way, you’re going to want to start thinking of the latest men’s fashion trends for winter 2020.

Meet the rising artist talent that is Will McNally

While he may take inspiration from his Irish and Cypriot roots, there’s a distinctive British flair to Will McNally’s art that has captured the attention of some of the most powerful and influential names in the world of film and music.