September, 2020

How to Pick the Perfect Engagement Ring

Some women will give hints or even express what kind of ring they want but if the engagement is a surprise, one may find himself having to navigate the world of engagement rings that can be rather overwhelming.

How To Truly Take Care Of Yourself

It should come as no surprise that self-care really matters. But it is not always quite as easy or simple to determine how you should actually be focusing on this in order to make it a reality.

Why Relaxation and Self-Care Matter

We’re going to discuss why you should take the time to relax and look after yourself and how your life might improve as a result. Read on now to find out more about all this.

Britain’s Biggest Shoe-flencers

The worth of an influencer is usually calculated on how many followers they have and who these followers are. We aren’t talking a few thousand and a couple of a hundred likes on each picture — this is big numbers that make noise.

Top 4 Health Benefits of CBD

For the uninitiated CBD stands for ‘cannabidiol’, it is a chemical compound (one of over 100) that is found in the cannabis family, including hemp and marijuana.

Top Things People Are Planning Post-COVID

So. everything may still be up in the air with Covid-19 and although we are putting steps into solace to have some kind of normality, life is still very different and could be this way for a while.