May, 2020

Car Review: MINI Electric by Wayne Gorrett

ith battery-powered vehicles coming at us left, right and centre, it’s a little odd that BMW has taken so long to bring us the MINI Electric (called ‘Cooper SE’ in other markets) –

Why Smart Guys Manage Other People’s Money

How do you make a lot of money as a man? If you ask most people they’ll give you two answers. Either you start a successful business, or you trade stocks risking your own money. Those are your options.

Care of Tyres During Lockdown

Lock down due to Corona virus has introduced a strange paradox. On the one hand you seemingly have all the time in the world due compulsion to stay at home, but many precious and useful things in your house require attention and care if these have to be kept in operational state.

How To Hire A Car With Poor Credit

Let’s say you want a car for some reason, whether it’s just for hire for a week with family, or maybe it’s so you can take your kids around from one place to another, either way you want to have the right car for you.

Batch Coffee: Coffee on your doorstep

For me coffee is definitely one of those things. I realise I am very lucky, I can work from home and apart from not seeing my wife since the end of February (she is in Italy) my day to day existence has been relatively unscathed. However one of the things I do really miss is just going out for a cup of coffee and being around other people.

Car Review: KIA Soul EV

Available now, from £37,295 (‘First Edition’). Now only offered as an all-electric model, the 2020 KIA Soul EV is a serious competitor in a rapidly-expanding, …

Keeping a Healthy Mind and Body in Lockdown

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect our everyday lives, it is important that we stay positive during this time and recognise the bravery and determination our doctors, nurses, and other colleagues show when putting their own lives at risk for the sake of others.