April, 2019

Met Gala Style: Notorious Designers Who Get Us Talking

Can you believe that it’s almost been a year since the last Met Gala? Following on from 2018’s ‘Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination’, this year’s theme for celebrities to take inspiration from is ‘Camp: Notes on Fashion’. We’re predicting over exaggerated styles and over-the-top accessories.

The Peaky Blinders Trend And How You Can Get It

Everyone and their grandmother watch the UK’s hit TV show, Peaky Blinders. It’s the British drama series that follows a gang lead by Tommy Shelby (Cillian Murphy) as they try to run the city with their corrupt activity.

Being Frank – The Chris Sievey Story: Win one of 2 copies on Blu Ray

teve Sullivan’s funny and moving BIFA nominated documentary, BEING FRANK: THE CHRIS SIEVEY STORY, currently screening in cinemas throughout the UK and Ireland and available to download digitally, will be available to own on DVD and Blu-Ray, complete with a raft of fantastic new extras, on April 29.

How to Prepare for Christmas Guests

The guest bedroom will be where your guests spend a lot of their time and it will be an important space for them as it will be the only area where they get privacy during their stay.

The Hottest Cars On The Market

Even if cars are something that you don’t really have a passion for, and you’re not really sure what the specs of a car actually mean, you’ll still have an interest in them

What Is the Keto Diet?

You’ve probably heard of the famous Ketogenic Diet, otherwise known as the Keto Diet, as it has been all over social media recently; being endorsed by various celebrity ambassadors such as glamour model Jenna Jameson.

Film Review: Dragged Across Concrete

We’re now three feature movies into the work of writer/director S. Craig Zahler with the arrival of the beautifully brutal ‘Dragged Across Concrete’ (2019).

Travel: Best Hotels in The World

If you’re looking for affordable hotels there are plenty to choose from that still give you a taste of luxury, for example this qantas accommodation sydney cbd.

Film Review: Sister Brothers

Fantastic perf romances throughout, it has to be said that Reilly really takes the reins as his belief structure, aspirations, dreams and hope are more in line with contemporary ideologies, and we truly wish the best for him.