February, 2019

Film Review: Serenity

Paradise Noir The unusually high temperatures weather this week could have in theory been a very clever pop-up installation advertising campaign for the latest…

Film: We Are The Weirdos

Greeting you on The Final Girls web page are the wonderful words ‘Exploring the intersections of horror and feminism.’

Your Style Secret: LuLaRoe

Modvisor is a place full of fun, unique and trendy clothes. For those who love to be comfortable, but also to be fun and trendy, let me introduce you to LuLaRoe.

Is GOAT the G.O.A.T ?

Jamaican NightsOne of the best things about the weekend, when I lived in London, was a late night visit to ‘Cummin Up’, a Jamaican…

Music Review: Celtic Connections 2019

It’s Imbolc, the Celtic festival of the return of the light: and in Glasgow they don’t wait around for warmth to come to them. Here January is lit up by two weeks of musical revelry as the Celtic Connections festival takes over almost every art space in the city.

Festival Preview: Glasgow Film Festival 2019

It might lack a touch of the glitz, glamour and worldwide renown of its cousins in London and Edinburgh, but the Glasgow Film Festival is the Scottish cinephile’s favourite with good reason.

Do You Like The Life You’re Living?

We bet that one of the first things you said, was hell no! When all you seem to see on social media is people living their best life, surrounded by healthy foods, beautiful beach locations, and happy partners, all you can think about is how your life sucks compared to theirs.