September, 2018

Film Review: Black 47

It’s 1847, and after a number of years of potato blight, the cheap and zero choice staple food of an entire nation, Fenney has returned home after years of fighting as an Irish Ranger for the occupying forces.

Survivng The Storm: How To Handle a Personal Crisis

No life, no matter how perfect, will be without  a few dark clouds on the horizon. Accidents and misfortune are as much a part of life as moments of joy and exhilaration, and we can’t – and shouldn’t – want to wish them away

The Future Of Security Is In Your Mobile Phone

Mobile phones could be the key to keeping us safe and secure in the future. This is all thanks to the capabilities of modern apps, which are now able to connect with other devices and track down information via the internet that wasn’t previously available.

What can we expect our suits to look like in the future?

The smart three-piece suit that many of us wear today came about in the early 1800s. It was designed by a gentleman called Beau Brummell. He replaced long-tailed coats and silk stockings with the classic suit jacket accompanied by full-length trousers and it all went from there.

What’s Hot in the Bathroom?

Your bathroom is as much a reflection of your personality as your bedroom or kitchen and when it comes to selling your potential buyers will see it is as just as important. Here are a few recommendations for breathing new life into an old bathroom.

Film Review: Lucky

There’s a hypothesis I’m currently pondering on, where our youthful memories actually act as the puppet master to our adult lives. Events that we may have even forgotten about, pulling our decision strings, tugging the words out of our mouths and guiding our steps.

Achieving Star-Level Status from Affordable Style

Film has always been an influential part of our culture. Most of us watch movies because we want an out-of-body, otherworldly experience, but film can also provide insightful social commentary and affect our perspectives.

Sewport: Where Fashion Ideas Meet Business

Sewport a new business having considerable success online solving this problem by connecting fashion creatives in Europe to manufacturers who are able to visualise their designs and get them produced to a high quality and at an affordable price.

Music: Monsters Exist – Orbital

‘Where Is It Going?’ was the closing track on Orbital’s last full album ‘Wonky’ (2012). Exploding with a digital euphoric firework burst of beautiful optimistic sounds and colours, soaring higher and higher, taking you to places of etherial hope, joy and possibility.

Must-see Sporting Events from Around the Globe

It’s all too easy these days to watch sport on TV and never bother to go and see it live. Of course, there are numerous advantages to this approach (being able to rewind a goal because you missed it while you were in the loo being one of the most notable!).

How to Choose and Perfect a Theme for the Rooms in Your Home

When it comes to achieving a standout look in your home, nothing works better than a ‘theme’.
Enabling you to play around with different colours, inspiration and accessories, a theme brings a space to life and injects a bit of personality into the room.