July, 2018

Travel: Hotel Valamar Argosy, Dubrovnik

This wonderfully secluded location makes for the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and the simple, spacious accommodation is like home from home with plenty of comfy sofas, daybeds and a cosy library.

How to Dress at a Casino

There was a time in history when going to a casino meant getting dressed up in your evening best. Over time, the expectation of men being dressed as formally as James Bond does in the movies or women in evening attire mostly fell by the wayside.

Film Review: Journeyman

Paddy plays Matty Burton, a successful and not so youthful World Champion boxer who is about to defend his title against a very fast and ambitious young boxer Andre ‘The Future’ Bryte (Anthony Welsh).

9 Reason to Buy a Motorcycle

When it comes to motorcycles, you either love them, or you’re not bothered. It’s like cats and dogs. Some of us are motorcycle people, some of us are car people.

Travel: Swiss Adventures – Jungfrau Region

If you’re searching for your next thrill, and can never get too much excitement, the Jungfrau Region of Switzerland should propel itself on to your radar for your next adventure break. If it’s good enough for a Bond movie, it’s good enough for me!

Travel In Style For Much Less

The truth is that most people love travel, and everyone who loves travel would agree that doing so in a stylish manner is always the best way to go.