November, 2016

Food: Proper Corn – Crunch Corn

Once upon a time there were 3 snacks… Crunchy crisps, nutty nuts and poppy corn. They all lived happily in the same town together….

Food: Theo’s Simple Italian, London – Weekend Brunch

At this time of year there’s not many better things to do on a Sunday lunchtime than relax, get cosy, eat drink and be merry and for lovers of fabulous Italian food Theo Randall’s Simple Italian based at Hotel Indigo Kensington is becoming the new brunch-time weekend Mecca.

Fashion – Converse: Hipster or Heritage?

Older than Disney World, Coca Cola in a can, the CIA, and the internet – in 2017, the Converse All Star turns 100 years old. All Stars, also known as Chuck Taylors (or even just Chucks), began life as a men’s basketball shoe. A century later, you’ll find a pair of Chucks in men’s and women’s closets alike. They’re a must-have. They’re a fashion staple.

Film Review: Kes

There’s something beautifully and tragically Shakespearean about Ken (Kenneth) Loach’s breakthrough movie and ode to the working class ‘Kes’ (1969).

Film Review- Arrival

Film Review: Arrival

There are so many things happening of late that represent the worst of humanity, it can be at times overwhelming when we see the deliberate constant onslaught of suffering, apparent chaos, indifference soundtracked to the angry screams of discontent, dejection, intolerance and mistrust.

Food: Popularity of Spicy Food Keeps Heating Up

ne trend that has been rocking the food world in the past few years is the increased popularity of spicy food, and the skyrocketing levels of heat. Pepper growers are constantly trying to one up each other to see who can develop the spiciest fruit, and we’re starting to go beyond daredevil edibles and into chemical warfare.