September, 2016

Film Review: Under The Shadow

You Have Everything To Fear, And Fear Itself Horror like Sci-Fi works best when it’s weeping, trembling core is closer to the societal zeitgeist…

Film Review: The Almodóvar Collection

here can’t be that many directors who encapsulate the pulse, the beating, unbridled, flamenco stomping fiery passion of their homeland such Spanish director (screenwriter, producer, actor, though he claims he’s quite bad at the last bit) Pedro Almodóvar.

The Boozy Brunch - The Big Easy

Food: Big Easy, Covent Garden

If you’re lucky enough to live in Central London or are planning a trip to the capital this Autumn, THE place to eat at weekends right now is Big Easy, a hidden oasis right in the heart of Covent Garden. The attraction? Two words. Bottomless Brunch.

Music: Kate Tempest, Rivoli Ballroom

Beginning with a rumination on how Mother Earth might view her struggling, wayward children, initially Tempest’s outlook was global. Considering the threats of global warming, terrorism and shallow consumer culture, she observes “America is Lost. Europe is Lost”. Then she intoned “London is Lost”.

Film Review: Don’t Breathe

It’s an ever increasing scenario in the meditative hallowed sanctum of the cinema auditorium where some moron who hasn’t been schooled in mannerly dining and seems to be inhaling food like a wood chipper on speed, mouth agape whilst using a megaphone, or using a popcorn container like a giant adult food rattle as they seek the corn at the bottom of the box, not the choice and easy accessible silent ones at the top.

Film Review: Hell or High Water

All too often we dutifully lemmingly, even groundhog day like line up to buy the snake oil silver screen liniment that’s been pitched to us with beautiful exciting words, pictures and sounds.

Travel & Music: Festival No6, Wales

Fortuitously I was banking on the former when I confirmed I was going to Festival No 6 in North Wales. Anything in the vicinity of Wales, whatever time of year has the promise of rain. So even though, the friends who convinced me to make the six-and-a-half-hour drive told me it had been eternal sunshine last year, I was sceptical. And rightly so.