February, 2016

Health: Bet You Didn’t Know That Treated Pimples

Nothing like a surprise whitehead cropping up overnight to make you feel young again. Although occasional adult breakouts don’t seem to carry the same earth-shattering consequences as adolescent acne, that doesn’t mean they’re not annoying.

Preview: The Man Who Knew Infinity

Based on a true story about a shipping clerk and self-taught genius (Patel) living in Colonial India in 1931 who travels across the world in order to study mathematics at Cambridge.

Food: Blanchette Soho, London

Once upon a time the world was full of French Restaurants and you couldn’t swing a baguette in your local High St without hitting…

Film Preview: Risen

Risen stars Tom Felton, Joseph Fiennes, Cliff Curtis and Peter Firth and is a depiction of events surrounding Christ’s missing body after his crucifixion.

Art: Neverended @ LondonNewcastle, London

In the never-ending quest for acceptance into the world of mainstream art, ‘Neverended’ is a new retrospective exhibition showcasing a curated collection of over 200 pieces by internationally acclaimed graffiti and street artists from the Rockwell House private collection.

Preview: Eddie The Eagle

Eddie the Eagle is ‘Billy Elliot meets Cool Runnings’ and the true story of Britain’s first ever Olympic Ski jumper Eddie ‘The Eagle’ Edwards and his quest for glory.