October, 2015

Film Review: Kill Your Friends – American Psycho: UK 12’’ Remix

I loved ‘American Psycho’ for it’s vicious clinical coldness and analytical record lists, and it’s unfortunate that ‘Kill Your Friends’ wasn’t able to build on that. I don’t mean to sound too harsh as indeed there is alot of fun to be had, if your proclivities lean toward the dark side that is.

Food: Pizza Like It Oughta Be – NY Fold, London

Bruno Di Fabio is a SIX time world champion Pizza maker and he’s also the man behind NY Fold, a new restaurant situated a short pizza toss away from Soho and Theatreland on Charing Cross Rd in the West End of London.

Travel: The Algarve – A real taste of Portugal

So the exceptional weather and beaches are a given, but for a real taste of Portugal, I was excited to look beyond the built up resorts, late-night discos, chip strips and happy hours, and head off the beaten track for some of the region’s hidden delights.

Win ‘Deadly Target’ on DVD

When Special Operative James Webster (Michael Jai White, The Dark Knight, Blood and Bone) returns home from duty to find his brother brutally murdered, his lethal training immediately kicks in.

Travel: Once more, dear friends – Agincourt Revisited

EVEN the strongest of soldiers would struggle to move in armour worn 600 years ago. The body was encased in heavy steel and it all weighed a ton, from the helmet to breast plate, back plate, chainmail, arm and leg guards. It was a battle to lift one item, let alone wear the lot, as visitors found out at Azincourt Medieval Centre.

Pan Film Review 2015

Film Review: Pan

There are films you love on sight, there are films you grow to admire, and there are films which, the more you think about them, the worse they get. Sadly, Pan falls into the latter category.

Rotterdam – A destination of Style

With some outstanding hotels, bars, restaurants and museums, you can easily jump on a plane and be pottering around the canals whilst soaking up the modern architecture within 90 minutes!