May, 2014

Box Set Review: Game of Thrones series 1-3

The wildly popular HBO series Game Of Thrones kicked off its 4th season recently and boy did it start with a bang. Its usual abundance of sex, violence and intrigue will almost certainly continue to pull in viewers from all over the world.

The Horrors- Luminous

In recent times The Horrors have become the Matthew McConaughey of English music. Once where they were disliked by many, they’re now loved and admired by most. They’ve come a long way in their past three albums and like MM that transformation hasn’t happened by chance (his happened when he stopped making crap rom-coms).

bad neighbours

#TeamEfron – Bad Neighbours

Bad Neighbours is in cinemas from tomorrow and you can read Steve’s review for Flush the fashion HERE. The movie begins when Seth Rogan’s…

Film Review: Bad Neighbours

It could be very easy (and lazy) to write off the latest Seth Rogan silver screen comedy vehicle ‘Bad Neighbours’ (directed by Nicholas Stoller) as a base, potentially puerile affair, but then again that’s one of it’s finest attributes.