April, 2014

Car Review: Audi RS 7

ALICE in Wonderland was tempted by the labels ‘drink me’ and ‘eat me’, being transformed by taking up each invitation. I’m sure Lewis Carroll’s heroine would also have succumbed to the allure of the Audi RS 7 Sportback, but it needs no label to say, ‘drive me’.

Kelis – Food

It’s 11 years since Kelis did Milkshake and in the years since, she’s pretty much done what she wants musically. 2010’s sparkly ‘Fleshtone’ LP…

Film Review: The Informant

Formerly known as Gibraltar, The Informant is a movie that arrives dripping with promise. Just a cursory inspection of its cast list and credits make it seem as instantly exciting as bouncing downstairs on Christmas morning.

Amen Dunes share new track ‘I Can’t Dig It’

Damon McMahon’s solo project, Amen Dunes gears up for the release of his third full-length release entitled ‘Love’ and here is a forthcoming cut track from the record. ‘I Can’t Dig It’ is a five minute distorted garage-rock affair that is on first listen probably the most dominant track on the record.

Car Review: Skoda Yeti Outdoor Elegance 2.0 TDI

TO today’s car-makers, success is a three-letter word. Those letters are SUV … sports utility vehicle, and the demand for them is growing year on year. At the time of writing, what the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders terms ‘dual purpose vehicles’ now make up the third biggest sales segment in the UK.

The Other Woman – What Does Your Gut Tell You?

In a memorable scene in The Other Woman, Leslie Mann’s character (Kate) hits the shots a little too hard after finding out that her husband has been cheating on her and ends up throwing up in her handbag!

10 Ideas for Summer Days Out with the Kids

Now we’ve reached the Easter holidays, it’s nearing the time to think about how you might fill those long six weeks of summer. Thankfully there are now tons of great ways to entertain the kids, wherever you are in the UK.

Chet Faker- Built On Glass

It all gets off to a strong start, ‘Release Your Problems’ showcases Murphy’s woozy brittle vocals like a big hot water bottle cuddle, and there are moments of brilliance on Built on Glass.

Film Review: Locke

Director Steven Knight (Hummingbird, script writer for Cronenberg’s ‘Eastern Promises’ 2007) introduced the screening of his second film as a director ‘Locke’ (2013) by commenting on the movie being somewhat of an experiment.

Film Review: Pioneer

Mention the ‘80s oil boom and chances are the first things to leap to mind all stem from the same glossy trashcan of a telly classic. The split-screen opening titles. The uptempo toot of the theme tune. The many-gallonned headgear of Larry Hagman.

The Best Trios in Film

Traditional paradigms are never lost from the abundance of films in modern-day cinema. With ancient films carefully constructing on-screen trios, or friendship threesomes, this is something we can be sure will never die, as films today still readily use this formula.