October, 2013

Film Review: Thor: The Dark World

Now sporting the Kenneth Branagh’s Hamlet crown of directing from the original Thor (2011), we have Alan Taylor (Game of Thrones/The Sopranos) guiding the demigods, cohorts and mortals through the ever increasing galaxy of the Marvelverse in Thor: The Dark World (2013). And he does a really cracking job, if the crown doesn’t really fit the same way, and slips a few times.

Car Review: Ford B-Max 1.6-litre TDCi

Ok let me cut to the chase. Even if you think you know nothing about Ford’s baby-B-MAX I bet you have seen on the telly that guy dive through it from a great height into the swimming pool below? Yes, thought so.

FIlm Review: Closed Circuit

Much like Liar Liar before it, Closed Circuit shines a coruscating light on the lives of those sexy, affluent, highly aspirational hobgoblins we like to call lawyers.

Machines at War

Gaming Review: Machines at War 3

If you, like me, love the Command & Conquer Series and the ever growing pull of Mobile gaming, you will be more than eager to learn about Machines at War 3, now available on iOS, Mac &PC.

WIN a Razer Kraken

For gamers looking for a quality headset with reliability and great performance the Razer Kraken is the perfect choice.

Coco Chanel @ Le Hague

Coco Chanel was a fashion icon in her own right.A glamourpuss of the first degree, she was rarely seen without a cigarette
and string of pearls to her death in 1971. Since the conception of Chanel, it’s easy to wear separates, trademark tweed and the subtle interlocking C’s, have turned the brand into a globally recognised and respected fashion house, which has created timeless looks for generations.

Film Review: Captain Phillips

Bringing together an armada of Greengrass’s superlative abilities, with echoes of ‘Bloody Sunday’, ‘Flight 93’ and even touches of the Bourne series, to tell the tale of two opposite ends of global economics, that is both epic and ultimately intimate at the same time, without breaking flow, we steer through very dangerous waters, Greengrass as the coxswain

Too Weird to live, too weird to die by Panic! At The Disco

‘Vegas Lights’ and ‘Girls/Girls/Boys’ are great electronic pop tracks that show an 80’s influence on their signature seedy lyrics. These songs could easily leak into the mainstream and give the band the commercial success they deserve.


There has been reoprts and speculation tha a red-grade Sharknado is due to hit London in October. To help the public prepare for the…

The Most Spectacular Jewelry in Films

There are many aspects that create a successful film, among them the cinematography, the script, the actors and the plot. But there are some unexpected characteristics that can take a film from great to spectacular. One such item is surprisingly, jewelry. After all, Titanic would not have been the same without the heart of the ocean necklace, now would it?