June, 2013

Tech Review: Samsung Galaxy NX Camera

You know when a company is series about a product. They always keep the name short and easy to remember. The BMW M1, the iPad, (I’ll think of a few more in a minute). Samsung carry on the tradition with the launch of the Samsung NX, a digital camera that will have the semi-professional (and professional) photographer with a few quid in his pocket drooling over their tripod in anticipation and with a moniker so short even I can remember it.

Film Review: This Is The End

Descending (or possibly ascending) to Earth in the week after one of my favourite movies of the year (Before Midnight), we have what may appear on parchment, to be the complete opposite in every way, but actually isn’t. ‘This Is The End’ (2013) is also one of my favourite movies of the year, and if judged on bad taste laugh per minute quota, one of my favourite comedies of all time.

Game Review: Rush Bros

Music has a very adverse affect on people. It can relax us, inspire is, and can motivate us to go full speed ahead. Not only that, it can influence our games, and how we play them. In this case, it’s a crucial part of Rush Bros, the latest 2D platformer by XYLA Entertainment.

Film Review: Despicable Me 2

It would appear Gru has indeed shunned his former career for a new business making jams and jellies with his faithful assistant Dr Nefarious (Russell Brand) and his Minions, but before life can get too dull he is enlisted by the AVL (Anti-Villain League) to catch the perpetrator of the opening heist and heads undercover with new partner, Lucy Wilde (Kristen Wiig).

Comics, Meet the Internet

Comic books – or graphic novels, as the elite would say – have been around for years, generations if you happen to pass down the greats through the family.

The Top Casino Playlist of All Time

It’s been a long time coming, but I have finally gathered all my music collections together in the hope of making the ultimate playlists of all time. These will be based upon my passions in life, fashion, summer and casinos. Each one deserves their own music and to do this I have had to delve into the back catalogues of musical history to bring you the best of the best.

The Hush Now – Memos (+ Interview)

What can I say, it’s 3am and ‘Clouds’, a track from The Hush Now’s third album is still stuck in my head. Hailing from Boston, Massachusetts I definitely was expecting that same old American safe bland indie-rock, however Adam, Noel, Barry, Pat and Jon have created their own identity in a highly competitive field drawing clear influences from the British ‘indie’ sound. By twisting and infusing it with American roots they’ve come up with something rather delightful.

Imagelogger: Week 5 – Iceland

I was in Iceland this week. It was our first time there and I will definitely be going back, is amazing, beautiful, quirky, fresh, modern and exciting. I arrived at 12.30am and it was still daylight. At this time of year it never really goes properly dark, which is a bit weird. There isn’t much ice actually, some people think Greenland and Iceland swapped names by mistake as Greenland has all the snow.

Flush Magazine #8

Flush Magazine is available as a free iPad Newsstand Application, and is also published online via Issuu. We’re already working hard on our next edition and are always looking for writers to get involved.

Japandroids: Live at the Newport Music Hall

Ripping through hits from last year’s “Album of the Year contender,” Celebration Rock as well as 2009’s dynamite debut Post-Nothing, the two noisy mothercanuckers, Brian King and David Prowse shook the show-goers harder than their one guitar and one set of drums arsenal seemed to suggest they were capable of doing.

Car review: Volvo V40 – 1.6 litre 8v 115 bhp D2 SE Nav

Refinement is first rate thanks to the rides superb bump absorption that seems to have been perfectly tuned for Britain’s decaying carriageways. Wind and road noise are barely noticeable on the move thanks to the modestly sized wheels and sleek shape; the diesel engine also goes about its business with minimal clatter. It all adds up to a relaxed environment for undertaking long cross country jaunts.

Kanye West- Yeezus

Like Prince twenty years ago, Kanye West’s sanity is somewhat questionable. Gone are the days where you could listen to Yeezy’s albums in the car with your Mother.

Car Review: Honda Jazz Si 1.4 I-VTEC

Many moons ago, I was a front-seat passenger in a Honda Accord, a new-ish, high-mileage petrol model. Waiting at traffic lights, I asked the driver if the engine had cut out. The reply was ‘no’, and I leaned over for a peep at the rev counter for confirmation.

Film Review: Before Midnight

Painting an adult landscape with words Like a privatised run train company, I came late to the initial inter-railing exploits of Jesse (Ethan Hawke)…