February, 2013

Film Review: Warm Bodies

Making a shift from the recent vampire spam, caused by the Twilight series, Zombies are the ‘in-thing’ at the moment. Shaun of the Dead…

Film Review: Broken City

Allen Hughes’ political thriller starts with an interesting enough shot. An especially hirsute Mark Wahlberg (read troubled) is holding a gun – a smoking gun no less. At his feet is the body of a young man. As he pulls his shield out from behind his bullet proof vest his partner arrives, obviously querying his actions.

Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

The basic outline of the game is this – one boy sets off on an adventure in an attempt to save his mum… who died… because another version of her in another world has gotten herself in a spot of bother. Sound confusing? Throw in fairies (who are for some unknown reason, Welsh, and REALLY annoying) and magic, and familiars; and you’ve actually got a rather awesome little game.

Film Review: Fire In The Blood

The average price of a years supply of ARV’s was about $15,000 when in actual fact the drugs were produced for less than pennies, so the profit margin was enormous. The giant, (very politically connected pharmaceutical) companies were not about to lose such wealth under any circumstances, whatever the result. That result being the deaths of millions. The film deals with the fight back of these inspiring people who weren’t going to let what was effectively murder.

Film Review – Mama

Talk about a dream come true. You ‘n’ your sis cook up a one-scene horror short, push it out onto that there internet thingy and, before you know it, Hollywood’s on the blower, in the cuddly shape of genre godhead Guillermo del Toro, imploring you to turn said short into a feature. Oh and here’s $15million, Jessica Chastain and Jaime Lannister to do it with.

Live Review: Stornoway, Oxford

A sell-out audience at Oxford Town Hall eschewed the option of sitting in a crowded, over-priced restaurant on Valentine’s Day in preference of catching Stornoway.

NY Fashion Week 2013 Day Four

Catherine Malandrino presented a lovely and artistic collection, inspired by French Art Deco, which was elegantly refined and cohesive. Dresses, coats, and separates came in wool, cashmere knit, and velvet. Burgundy/plum, deep blues and black- nude combinations brought a warm and inviting ambiance.

NY Fashion Week 2013 Day Three

Feminine strength and power gracefully marched down the runway as Prabal Gurung unveiled his military-inspired collection. The line came mainly in an army green, deep reds and blues, and black color palette. Each look beautifully married combat and elegance to reflect the spirit of women in the armed forces.

Film Review: Wreck it Ralph

Subtle, and not so subtle game references are sprinkled brilliantly throughout the film, amoung them Sonic, Ryu, Bowser, Zangief and the retro classic Q-Bert (who is now homeless) make appearances.

NY Fashion Week 2013 Day Two

The Czar by Cesar Galindo collection was nothing short of innovatively pleasing. Bubble skirts and layering were incorporated into some of the looks to add just the right touch of subtle exuberance. “I did convertible clothing,” Galindo said during a quick interview, “the coats are actually convertible…you could take the sleeves off, take the hoodie off, and play with it.”

Win one of 3 Arcadie, iPhone retro arcade boxes

Have fun recreating the excitement of childhood visits to the fairground with these iPhone arcadie’s, complete with cool free retro arcade games. Simply slide your iPhone or iPod Touch into the rear of the Arcadie, then power up and you’re good to go.

FIlm Review: Hitchcock

This biopic focuses on a specific section of Alfred Hitchcock’s life; his direction of one of his most famous films Psycho. Hitch, played by Anthony Hopkins (Silence of the lambs, Remains of the day) is wonderfully humorous and a little morbid.