December, 2012

Car Review: Fiat Panda TwinAir Lounge

There is no doubt that the little Fiat Panda is a sublime little city car. It looks fantastic, is very well thought out inside with plenty of room for four adults and a fair amount of luggage. It is also lively to drive, doesn’t drink much petrol and qualifies for free road tax.

Heavy Christmas: A metal weekend in Glasgow

The best of British metal? There’s certainly a case that Brummie bruisers Anaal Nathrakh fit that bill. Riding high on stunning seventh studio album Vanitas, they’ve returned to the UK to level the place

Featured Post: The making of Ecco shoes as a style icon

Ecco shoes have grown over the last few decades to become a highly-regarded, fine purveyor of gentlemen’s shoes. Karl Toosbuy originally started the business in Denmark as he was unsatisfied with ill-fitting shoes made by other manufacturers.

Guest Feature: Jack Jones Christmas Style

Whether you’ve got a stacked out social calendar this winter or you’ve decided to hibernate from the biblical rainfall we seem to be experiencing over recent months and cosy up at home, you can use either circumstance as the perfect excuse to indulge in a little retail therapy. Here’s a selection of clothing staples to lift moods and survive the long, dark months.

App Review: The Chase

Over the last few weeks though I have been rather enjoying a tea-time quiz show called The Chase, it’s a bit like all the other tea-time quiz shows except it is quite good. Now there is an iPhone/iPad App out.

Vans: Skating shoes – The Specifics

In the last few years, Vans shoes have gained a great deal of traction and popularity with the skateboarding scene-apart from being stylistically appropriate for the culture and well-designed for skateboarding itself the ease with which they could (and still can) be dyed to make them truly unique certainly appealed to skateboarders.

Record Re-issue: Rush ‘2112’

Unbelievable to think that it was released just over 36 years ago in 1976 when the average house price in the UK was just £12,704 and people watched in awe as Concorde set off on its first commercial flight

Live Review: Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls

2012 may be the year Frank Turner transcended genre and scene loyalties to become a proper player on the domestic (and global) stage but he’s chosen to finish it off with real class – reaffirming his dedication to his roots and hardcore fans who’ve taken him to where he is today.

Introducing the 2013 Dodge Ram 1500

The 2013 Chrysler Dodge Ram 1500 embraces one of America’s most beloved values: choice. There are 11 trim level options and 3 body styles – the Regular Cab that seats 3, the Quad Cab that seats 5 to 6, and the Crew Cab that also seats 5 to 6 with more leg room.

Win one of 3 copies of I Against I on DVD

Set in the nocturnal London underworld, new movie I Against I is out on DVD on January 14th and to promote the release we are giving away 3 copies in a special competition.

Guest feature: Speed On a Budget – A Guide

With all the resources the internet has to offer, it’s never been easier to find the used car you’ve always wanted. You might be surprised by what’s available if you really look, and this includes some seriously fast cars.