November, 2012

Billy Talent live at Leeds 02

With the crowd suitably roused by Bedford’s Don Bronco and LA mindfuck Awolnation, the headline act calmly took to the stage and gently plucked at Lonely Road To Absolution – before bursting into their new hit single; Viking Death March. As Jon Gallant’s Ernie Ball bass came to life, the opening notes rumbled throughout the venue – sending the Yorkshire crowd into chaos.

Film Review: The Hunt

Mads Mikkelsen’s performance in Thomas Vinterberg’s scarring drama won him the Best Actor award at Cannes this year and it is an incredible, subtle performance in a powerful, haunting film.

Film Review: Sightseers

As with the best laid plans, or holiday trip, it doesn’t take long for things to unravel. And in one of the most beautifully observed (not so) passive aggressive responses to a litter bug incident, the movie turns into a slasher road movie, as imagined by Morrissey.

Game Review: Halo 4

How could they bring the franchise back to its glory days? How could they capture the old magic? Well, it seems a miracle has occurred – my faith is restored.

Film Review: Breaking Dawn Part 2

The Twilight saga ends where we left off with Kristen Stewart’s Bella a mum and a vampire. Her daughter Reneesme (already a toddler by her second day) has been creepily imprinted on by werewolf Jacob who’s still as woodenly played by Taylor Lautner which dad Edward (played by the ever surly Robert Pattinson) is non too happy about.

Benjamin Francis Leftwich – In the Open EP

2011’s superbly named debut ‘Last Smoke Before the Snow Storm’, despite being caught up in the Ben Howard and Ed Sheeran undercurrent was also a solid effort. His live shows sell out, and there are few contemporaries as comfortable on stage with just one guitar and their own vocals.

Game Review: WWE 13

Welcome back folks, to another year with the WWE gaming franchise. Now we all kind of guess what most of the relevant releases will be like when it comes to sporting franchise titles. This time though, Yukes and THQ have joined forces in another tag team special to further the experience of WWE sports fans, with the help of the Predator Technology 2.0 engine.

Win tickets to see Laurence of Arabia in London

Winner of 7 Academy Awards including 1962 Best Picture and Best Director Winner of 4 BAFTA Awards including Best Film, Laurence of Arabia is celebrating it’s 50th Anniversary and to coincide with the event there is a special restoration cinematic release in state-of-the-art 4K resolution across the UK.

Film Review: The Master

On paper, almost nothing about The Master should work. The script is baffling, the relationship between the male leads equally so, the characters infuriating and the score tricksy and arrhythmic. But it does. Anderson has made an intense and beautiful film with these seemingly disparate and stubbornly diverse elements.

Apocryphon – The Sword

For Apocryphon, The Sword elected to strip away the narrative and conceptual elements that strengthened its predecessor. Frontman J.D. Cronise stated the band would forgo complex sci-fi storytelling in favour of topics more metaphorically reflective of their own experiences. Thankfully Apocryphon doesn’t suffer from this lack of narrative nuance.

Game Review: Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit

When you think of Hell, and the underworld, you normally think of fiery pits of horror, sadistic demons ready to torture helpless souls, and endless repeats of Deal or No Deal. Well you’d be mostly right: The residents of Hell also love a bit of celebrity gossip, as shown when you play Hell Yeah!

Live Review: Trivium @ O2 ABC Glasgow

Early doors mean too many fans arrive just late enough to catch the plaudits for (but not the set of) Upon A Burning Body. Fortunately, German tech-metalcore underdogs Caliban are on hand to lend proceedings some bite.