August, 2012

Game Review: Tales of Graces F

So, the series has somewhat of a serious following in Japan, and I can totally see why. It has a rather interesting blend of anime cut-scenes and game-play, which I can honestly say I found truly enjoyable. The dialogue had me laughing so loud I worried the rest of the house, and the story is really engrossing, I soon found myself treating the game almost like a movie… a reeeaaallly long movie.

Reading Festival by Richard Ounsworth

Watching people run to see the pop punk heroes was a sight to behold. “This is the worst kept secret in England right now”, Billie Joe says to pretty much the whole of Reading. Playing classics from their massive back catalogue, even their new song gets everyone in the mosh pit, crowd surfing and wall of death mood.

Reading Festival 2012 by Amelia Harvey

Reading festival this year was as eclectic as ever. Sure most of the 87,000 strong crowd that visited the site over the weekend were ticking off ‘glamping’ in their ‘great book of cool things students do’, and at times it did feel more like a GCSE party rather than a rock concert but at least One Direction weren’t on the line up.

Game Review: Orcs Must Die! 2

Robot Entertainment are back with a second installment to their Orcs Must Die series, this time sporting a rather nifty Co-op mode, but aside from the inclusion of a friend, what’s so different about Orcs Must Die 2?

Game Review: Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack

The game revolves around a spikey green blob, who is the victim of scientific testing on a regular basis. Naturally, it’s less than enthusiastic by this deal, so escapes, freeing his other blobby friends in the process. What follows is this little guy’s quest to eat anything and everything that isn’t nailed to the floor… until he can eat the nails first.

Car Review: VW Up!

It was only a generation ago when young drivers would spent just as long underneath their first car as they did actually driving the…

Record Review: Neal Morse – Momentum

I think prog is still considered something of a dirty word in the music community… it is looked down on as pretentious, lacking in soul or just downright weird and to be fair some of it is but there is much out there that is top notch stuff, deserving more attention than it currently receives.

Car Review: Fiat Punto Evo 135 Multiair

The new car has a completely new dashboard made of sturdier materials that are much nicer to the touch. There are also snazzy touches such as a small strip of LED lights above the glovebox and flashes of white trim lifting the mood. The dials are also a joy to look at and suitably sporty, as do the bucketed seats that keep the driver and passenger nicely pinned in place during more enthusiastic driving.

Live review: Wilco @ The L.C. Columbus, Ohio

There’s no arguing Jeff Tweedy is one of the greatest songwriters of the last 15 years and on a hot Saturday night in Columbus, Ohio, he and John, and Nels, and Glenn, and Mikael, and Pat proved why they are one of the greatest live American Rock’n’Roll bands around.

Sponsored Video: Acer Aspire S5 Ultrabook

I suppose filming all those TV episodes and doing all that chasing around is bound to become a bit tiring after a while, but who would have thought Kiefer Sutherland was such a fan of cupcakes?

D-R-U-N-K – I don't need to sleep

D-R-U-N-K is back and he’s darker than ever! Drunk is renowned for his ability to combine pulsating electro-synths with atmospheric sounds and deep tech…

Record Review : Slash – Apocolyptic Love

The songs themselves are what you would expect from Slash, powerful bluesy rock riffs that encompass that element so hard to capture and all too often absent in modern rock…. groove.

Aiden Grimshaw – Misty Eye

It’s one of those wonderful moments you can’t find a genre to box it in, hardly electro, not traditionally drum and bass, barely pop with a tinge of indie. It takes you from wanting to dance to feeling a deep sadness and then getting confused because you feel both of them at the same time.