June, 2012

Spider (Fashion) Sense

With the release of the latest Marvel Comic adaptation, ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ on 3 July 2012, over-enthusiastic fashionistas may very well dare to wear the red and blue unitard and emulate Spiderman’s spandexy style. For the rest of us, this is not necessary because comic book fashion is already seeping into the mainstream.

The Really Really Amazing Spider-Man

In a great deal of superhero movies, evolution is everything, and Marc Webb’s ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ is a higher state of being, and a brilliant addition on this the 50th anniversary of Spidey’s birth.

The Stone Roses: The Third Coming

That summer I heard a song that would change my life forever. I had never heard anything quite like it before. That song was She Bangs The Drums by The Stone Roses. From that day my life would never be the same again.

DVD Review: Hell

It’s worth mentioning first; it’s a German film, with English subtitles. I didn’t know this before watching, but don’t let it put you off. Hell is a clever title. In its native German, it means ‘bright’, but it works in English too. A big well done to writer Tim Fehlbaum.

Lemonade @ Brooklyn Museum, NY

Last weekend the Audiophile concert series came to a close with an appearance from Brooklyn electro-dance group Lemonade. In full ‘80s beach swimwear regalia, Lemonade appeared to have just gotten off the plane from Miami Beach (though the crowd did not reciprocate their fashion enthusiasm).

Hot Chip – In Our Heads

Five albums into a fairly niche career it is perhaps surprising Hot Chip aren’t bored of it all by now; it is not like they are on top of the world or the biggest band in the country. Maybe they just prefer it that way?

Film Review: The Innkeepers

West had proven himself a major new talent in horror by the frantic closing reel of his slay-tanic debut The House Of The Devil. Here, we see him cut loose. Drawing his palette from not-quite-vintage horror we get menace beneath the floorboards, restless souls of lovers scorned and the deserted 80s interiors of The Overlook. If his building had an elevator, it would bleed.

Iron Man: The Best Of Black Sabbath

Before Ozzy Osbourne was a TV Star he was in a band, you might have heard of them. They were called Black Sabbath and they invented Metal, and they were quite good.

Lamborghini Uncovered: A moving museum in London

Highlights from the show include a classic 350 GT, a Countach 25th Anniversary Edition) and a Miura P 400 SV. Not forgetting the slightly more modern Aventador LP700-4, and a very nice Lamborghini Gallardo.

BradyGames’ Max Payne 3 Strategy Guide

BradyGames, makers of some of the most thorough and high-quality strategy guides out there, strikes again with a gorgeous paperback walkthrough for Max Payne 3. While it’s not the most complex game out there in terms of mechanics, when it comes to collectible completionism and exploring every fantastically built level to the maximum, you can’t do much better than this.