March, 2012

Pokey LaFarge and the South City Three @Thekla Bristol

Influenced by ragtime, country blues, swing, Vaudeville and folk Americana, the St. Louis foursome Pokey LaFarge played an extended live set, including material from the award-winning Riverboat Soul, as well as the more recent Middle Of Everywhere release.

Game Review: I Am Alive

There have been quite a few ‘post apocalypse/survival’ games out there but what we need is a game that makes a future wasteland more unforgiving and… well, plausible. Does ‘I Am Alive’ mange to pull this off?

Film Review: Titanic – 3D

You might’ve heard about the context of the film’s current re-release: it’s the centenary of the ship’s demise. There are some who probably think that Cameron did it for the money, capitalising on the historical tragedy. Maybe he did. But it doesn’t change the fact that the film itself is a classic.

Los Campesinos! @The Thekla, Bristol

A couple of mosh circles and crowd surfers emerged within the narrow confines of the ship’s hull, and singer Gareth joined in the fun near the end, delivering most of the encore hidden within the effervescent crowd.

Film Review: The Hunger Games

A fantastic movie that shouldn’t be judged on its age rating or it’s absurd comparison to other ‘teen’ genre movies released in recent times. This stands out as a science fiction triumph, dystopian, critical and compelling, and is one thrill ride I’m glad did not pass me by.

Cold In Berlin

Raised on a diet of Electric Wizard, Sonic Youth and Swans, Cold in Berlin come from a different place than most current bands, existing in a strange black and white world somewhere between Siouxsie and the Banshees, and the Most Haunted Live TV Show.

Tech Review: Samsung Google Nexus

This is the first phone I’ve had a chance to test running Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0), the latest Google operating system, and I love it. It’s a slight step back in terms of ‘friendliness’, but if you’re an experienced Android user, you’ll notice all the benefits and hit the ground running.

Abnormal – Win a Ltd Edition T-Shirt

It’s tough out there in the big bad world of business. At Flush the Fashion we support the independents we like as much as possible. Without them life would be a much duller place.

Game Review: Vessel

Mechanical robots? Made from metal? HA! Too mainstream. I prefer my mass produced beings to be made of water. And how about a futuristic setting? Oh no… Let’s have everything steampunk. Now where would I find such a game? Oh, look, we have Vessel, a new indie game on Steam.

Live Review: You Me at Six @O2 Leicester

The balcony and the floor is packed out at the O2 in Leicester this show sold out in an hour when tickets were released, and with such a strong line up it’s easy to see why.

Car Review: Kia Rio 1.1 CRDI '2' Eco

A seven year warranty is an incredibly attractive selling point when buying a new car. Kia offer this on the Rio, (in fact all of their range is covered). The price is very competitive too.