February, 2012

Risen 2: Dark Waters Preview

Flush the Fashion were invited to get an early look at Risen 2: Dark Waters, the new action-RPG which dares to tread on mostly unspoilt ground.

Game Review: Q.U.B.E

Q.U.B.E is a another physics based puzzle game in the vein of Portal and Valve; manipulating the environment to reach the next section. To do this, you are given a pair of glowing gloves, which are used to interact with various coloured cubes.

Sneak Peek of Pixar's upcoming new movie Brave

Since ancient times, stories of epic battles and mystical legends have been passed through the generations across the rugged and mysterious Highlands of Scotland. In “Brave,” a new tale joins the lore when the courageous Merida (voice of Kelly Macdonald) confronts tradition, destiny and the fiercest of beasts.

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

John Madden’s comedy-drama focuses almost exclusively on the elderly, and yet, as a 24-year-old, I found myself empathising. That is, before the film’s trite message – that you’re never too old to take a risk – tramples over everything else.

Tech Review: Motorola Razr

When the Motorola Razr first arrived at my door I was excited, this gadget had claimed so many sleek sounding features, even going as far to have “BEAUTY.BRAINS.POWER.HOT” as the tag line pasted across the box.

Polly Braden – A Decade in China

Polly Braden’s pictures are an intimate glimpse of people living and working in a country balancing between change and tradition. I love them because apart from being beautifully photographed, they are a revealing study on contemporary Chinese culture.

The War on Drugs – Brothers

I like the Secretly Canadian record label. Anyone that puts out music by bands called ‘I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness’, ‘Swearing at Motorists’ and ‘The Horns of Happiness’ has to be good in my book.

Isaac Torres: Kolor Blind

Isaac Torres is a fantastic photographer based in Chicago. I love his natural style, they’re like stills from the hippest underground movie that’s never been made.

Car Review : Mitsubishi Shogun LWB 3.2 DI-DC SG3

Norfolk is famous for many things. The Broads, Admiral Nelson, Samphire, just to name a few. One thing though it’s definitely not famous for is hills. This makes testing a car like the Mitsubishi Shogun that bit more challenging.