December, 2011

Flush the Fashion Car of 2011

We’ve tested some brilliant vehicles in the last 12 months (and a few not so great), my favourite though is perhaps one you wouldn’t expect.

Film Review: Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

David Fincher’s (Se7en, Fight Club, The Social Network) English language remake of Stieg Larsson’s Swedish crime novel is sleeker, smoother and more action centred than it’s Scandinavian predecessor.

Best Movie of 2011: Submarine

Nothing can kill a movie like hype, luckily I saw Submarine before anyone told me it was good, so if you haven’t seen it, forget you ever read this and then watch it. You’ll enjoy it much more.

Win an Orla Kiely DAB Pure Radio

It seems like designer Orla Kiely is everywhere at the moment. After making her name in the world of bags and hats, she’s expanded into a number of different areas including Clothing, Wallpaper and Fragrances. Now she’s moved on to 50’s inspired radios.

The Top Video Games of 2011

There’s no denying that 2011 has been an absolutely colossal year for video games, we asked Henry McMunn to give us a run down of some of the best.

Tech Review: HTC Rhyme

The HTC Rhyme available in 2 colours ‘Clearwater’ and ‘Plum’. From the looks of things the one I have (a sort of purple pinkish colour) is geared towards the fairer of the species!

Onward Olympians!

There are disproportionately many bands of all shapes and sizes for its size, and pubs. Markets selling cupcakes and handmade buttons and cushions with moustachio’d bears on them….. New band Olympians talk about life in Norwich.

Car Review: V60 Volvo Ocean Race D3

Inspired by the world’s most challenging sailing event, the V60 Volvo Ocean Race D3 is more elegant than sexy but oozes sophistication. It’s a proper ‘grown up’ car.

Emmy The Great & Tim Wheeler @Bush Hall, London

Bush Hall felt like a Christmas occasion, bathed in a soft red glow. Tim taking to the stage in dinner jacket, and Emmy wearing a floor length gown holding sleigh bells delicately like a glass of vintage wine.

Film Preview: Rock of Ages

Featuring the music of Metal Gods such as Styx, Journey, Bon Jovi, Twisted Sister, Poison and Asia, ‘Rock of Ages’ could be in the running for one the best or worst films ever made (not sure which yet).

Alphabet Backwards: Taller

Oxford band Alphabet Backwards have just released a new three track EP British Explorer and it’s great. They’ve been getting some good radio play recently and this is the video of the main song from the EP, Taller.