October, 2011

London Comic Con MCM Expo 2011 Part 2

The first thing I saw when I got past the guys who check your tickets was a massive long queue of attendees. It took me a few moments to realise they were waiting in line to meet Star Wars hero Anthony Daniels (C3-PO) and maybe get an autograph.

London Comic Con MCM Expo 2011

I’ve been to conventions. Mostly comics. But I’ve also turned up at the occasional Science Fiction Convention and not a few Doctor Who Conventions over the years. This is my first time at Expo and nothing prepared me for the sheer scale of the thing.

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

Released on Boxing Day, I’m interested in watching this mainly because it was directed by Pixar graduate Brad Bird (The Incredibles, Ratatouille and Up), and it will be interesting to see how his comic book style adapts from computers to real people.

Game Review: Arkham City

Arkham City has got all new modifications, tweaks and improvements,. Vastly noticeable is the open world aspect of the city (not seen hugely on Arkham Asylum), freeing players to actually being able to soar from amazing height, zip-line across the roof-tops and really take in the environment.

Halloween Zombie T-Shirts from the Crypt

It’s nearly Halloween. You know that time of the year when all the kids dress up as witches and ghouls and zombies and you have to turn all the lights off and pretend you are not in. We have 2 suitably ghoulish zombie T-shirts up for grabs.

Game Review: RAGE

RAGE does not pride itself on originality. Instead, it grasps the bare necessities of a shooter and a sandbox game, and aims to perfect them, and in many ways it succeeds.

Interview with the artist John Fekner

While Andy Warhol spent the 70’s turning Art into a business, John Fekner’s work transcended art galleries and ‘hip scenes’, existing in the real world and touching the lives of normal people.

The Lovely Eggs

A few months ago, I brought you The Lovely Eggs with their bouncy, humorous, anarchic and my favourite single of the year, Don’t Look At Me (I Don’t Like It). So when I was asked over for a chat, naturally I jumped at the chance!

Game Review: Mercury Hg

A blue hedgehog, an Italian plumber, war hungry worms, a blob of mercury… What? You never heard of that character? Yes even a pile of liquid mercury can get its own game. It’s called Mercury Hg.