July, 2011

Cybercandy – The Sweetest Thing

Fed up with a Mars Bar? Cybercandy allow you to buy all the weird and wonderful chocolate bars, snacks and treats you see on your travels from the comfort of your own chair.

Lizzyspit – The Troubadour

I’m Lizzyspit, you may have heard of me, but I’m guessing not. I’m a London-based singer/songwriter – on my quest to be heard, I’ve seen a lot of things. In fact, I think I’ve just about seen it all.

East Angular – Fever Fever

Fever Fever’s music has dirt under it’s fingernails and drink’s cans of cheap lager behind the back of the Youth Club. Two of them are girls and they don’t have a bass player. We interview the up and coming Norwich based 3-piece.

Ian Garland BOTW #10 Black Lips

For the uninitiated, Black Lips are a punk-rock band from Georgia, USA. They’re often described as flower-punk, whatever that is? Guess that’s stoner-punk if you like?

Film Review: Source Code

If Source code was a mathematical equation it would be: Inception plus Twelve Monkeys multiplied by Back to the Future divided by Groundhog Day (squared).