Bake and Destroy

If baking is the new Rock N’ Roll, then Natalie Slater could well be the new Elvis Presley, her website ‘Bake & Destroy’ is a goldmine of great recipes, fashion, useful tips and ideas.

Dave Weiner: Finger Picking Good

Interview with one of the worlds best guitarists, Dave Weiner. Star tutor from the Riff of the Week You Tube Channel and Steve Vai’s rhythm guitarist.

Artransmitte – Art Imitating Life

Artransmitte is one of those cool websites that sells things you don’t see anywhere else. Imagine if Toys R Us had been taken over by Banksy, and you will start to get the idea. We also have 2 of their ACE LTD Edition T-shirts to give away.

Cybercandy – The Sweetest Thing

Fed up with a Mars Bar? Cybercandy allow you to buy all the weird and wonderful chocolate bars, snacks and treats you see on your travels from the comfort of your own chair.

Devolo – Online On The Grid

The Devolo Homeplug System is like all good inventions, it’s success is it’s simplicity. It turns your houses electrical wiring into an extension of your network.